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"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein

green bullet Alternative Energy Activities & Energy

spacerEnergy Facts Hunt

spacerEnergy Alternatives Exploration 7-12

spacerEnergy Use Saving - home and school 4-10

spacerExplore Efficient Energy Uses 4-12

spacerEnergy - Evaluate light bulbs

spacerSaving Energy Survey - Chart - Action

spacerAlternative Energy Sources and Conservation PBL

spacerEnergy Plan PBL

spacerConsidering Energy use of Personal Electronics new

spacerInvestigate Clean Coal Technology new

spacerEnergy Issue Digital Video Project

spacerMake an Energy Issues & Ideas eGame

spacerOil uses more than gas

spacerOil Production Examining History

spacer What should be done about gas/oil leases?

spacer Smart Meter Project Problem Based Learning

spacer Sun - renewable energy resource

spacer Food Web - wetlands

spacer Global Warming & Climate Change - investigate

spacer Christmas Energy Savings

green bullet Animals Adjectives vocabulary activity

green bullet Bluebirds Project - new stuff utd 12/08

Charting eggs ele

All about Birds ele/ms

Collecting Data ele/ms | Mapping Birds ele/ms/hs

Nest box log Observation

Variables ele/ms/hs

Feather Facts int/ms

Life Cycles ele/ms

Systems & Controls ms/hs

Feeding Bluebirds Project doc. | pdf.

Science Journal Entry ms/hs

Frayer Model Birds - doc. | pdf

Make a Bluebird vocabulary Puzzle ele/ms/hs

Ecology Vocabulary ms/hs

Classification ms/hs doc.

Make a Bluebird Crossword Puzzle ele/ms/hs new

Eggs Fact Hunt

green bullet Biodiversity Exploration Investigation ms/hs

green bullet Birds Book online - online story

green bullet Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle activity

spacer Amphibian Facts Activity - doc. format | pdf.

spacer Wetlands EcoStudy Unit

green bullet Drought Presentation Problem based learning project

green bullet Eagles in your state Problem based learning project

green bullet Nature based Internet Hunts spacer

spacerAir and Air Pollution

spacerAmphibians Internet activity frog

spacerAutumn Hunt

spacerBasic Body Hunt 3rd-5th

spacerBats are our Buddies Hunt

spacerBats at the Beach Literature activities - 6

spacerBirchbark House activities - 12

spacerBirds Hunt

spacerBirds Exploring

spacerBugs Hunt - What's bugging you? 2nd-6th

spacerButterflies and Moths hunt

spacerCell Activity - MS/HS

spacerCicadas Hunt

spacerEarth's Layers Online Activity

spacerEggs Hunt - primary

spacerEggs Hunt - ms/hs

spacerEgg math - calculated to challenge

spacerEnvironmental Scavenger Hunt - MS/HS

spacerEnvironmentalists Scavenger Hunt

spacer Environmental issues game - Make a multimedia one

spacerFishy Facts Internet Activity

spacerGeology Facts Hunt

spacerHeart Hunt

spacerHealth Research Project ms/hs

spacerIninatig's Gift of Sugar: The Tradition of Native Sugarmaking

spacerInsect Internet Hunt 4th up

spacerInventors and Inventions

spacerThe Legend of the Lady Slipper Internet Activity

spacerMoving Out Hunt - animal migration

spacerNests Internet Hunt

spacerNewton and the Laws of Motion

spacerParts of Plants

spacerPrairie Ecosystem Activity

spacerRainforest Scavenger Hunt for 3rd graders

spacerRocks and Minerals fact hunt

spacerScientific Method Activity - Try the Quiz

spacerScreech Owl at Midnight Hollow Activity book by Lamm

spacerSeptember Science Activity

spacerSpring Hunt


spacerTrees comparison based on My Side of the Mountain

spacerWater - water cycle and other facts

spacerWatershed - lentic and lotic

spacerWeather Hunt

spacerWinter Facts

spacerWomen of Science Internet Hunt utd 1/07


blackboard with number icon Calculated to challenge:

Egg Math

Batty Math survey and Chart

Birchbark House Math

Bluebirds - Charting Eggs

Butterfly Math

Census - Population growth chart

Eagles - How are they doing in your state?


Elbow Room - Exploring Population Density and Land use Issues

Evaluate the Heart Health of a group

Food + Activity = Weight

How are you spending your time?

Maple tree and sugarbush math new

Math of Fresh Water video project

Measuring Caterpillars & Leaves

Watering Milkweed

Lunch Menu Calories tracking project

Pennsylvania Math facts

Photo image changes

Precipitation and Population math

Spy Messages Science & Math Project

Statistics and the Media

Surveying people - why?

Thanksgiving Mathematics Challenge

Water Word Problems

Weather - Temperature

green bullet Environment Issues Game - Make Your Own

green bullet Map & Inventory Trees project Science & Geography

green bullet Map & Inventory Wetlands project Science & Geography

green bullet Meadows, Fields & Fencerows EcoStudy Unit - utd 3/2009

Mammals - puzzle

Compare & contrast Bats with another mammal & humans

Bats are our Buddies Internet Activity

Birds - puzzle | Birds Facts Table | Feather Facts Activity

Conclusions - complete a project to show what you know

Digital Science Journal project

Butterfly Math

Ecology Vocabulary Exercise

Ecological Dilemmas

Food Web Relationships

Life Cycles

Screech Owl Activity

Trees and Plants

Insects - Butterflies - puzzle

Butterfly & Moth Internet Fact hunt | Butterfly Math

Add fact based stanzas to the Meadow Poem

Observation skills builders: Nest | Bush

Field & Meadow photos

green bullet Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania - life on a milkweed utd 9/08

Trace the classification of the Monarch Butterfly ms/hs

Trace the classification of the Milkweed ms/hs

Butterfly Math

Collecting Data

Comparing Caterpillars Exercise

Contrasting Caterpillars Exercise

Compare or Contrast Butterflies

Chart Milkweed growth

ID Me! - identifying Monarchs

Make a Compare/Contrast Diagram using a computer

Make an Organisms Database - How to using AW ms/hs

Make a crossword puzzle about Milkweed & monarchs

Journal Entry - observing a milkweed

Measuring Caterpillars & Leaves

Monarch multi-guess Quiz

True - false Quiz

Milkweed Mania Word Search

Milkweed Crossword print

Milkweed Crossword java

Make a Crossword Puzzle - Vocabulary Challenge

Mystery Butterfly Challenge

Observation - Prediction

Mystery Caterpillar & IPM

Add a Stanza to the Meadow Poem

Watering Milkweed - Spreadsheet integration activity

green bullet Habitat Garden at school

green bullet Health, Heart & Body

Basic Body Facts Internet Hunt

Food + Activity = Weight

Health Research Project ms/hs

Heart Idiom Challenge ms/hs

Heart Health in a group - evaluate

Heart Hunt

How to be Healthy Campaign - pbl

Health insurance - who should pay? - pbl

What are our Nation's Priorities about Hunger? - pbl

Research an infectious disease pdf

Foods Activity related to The Birchbark House

green bullet Classification project - follow the Tree of Life ms/hs

green bullet Observation Science skills builders practice: index > 40

green bullet Scientific Method Activity - Try the Quiz

green bullet Online Crosswords on nature subjects

Animal Groups


Bats Crossword puzzle

Birds of Fields and Meadows

Bluebirds - make your own crossword puzzle



Ducky Puzzle

Eggs print version

Meadow Mammals

Make your own Crossword puzzle

Milkweed and Monarch Butterflies

Water Vocabulary


green bullet Plants and People - Explore the ways people use plants

green bullet Problem based Learning Index

Bird Species List - make one

Biodiversity Exploration Investigation ms/hs

Biomes - a problem based learning challenge

Drought Presentation

Eagles in your state

Energy Alternative Sources and conservation

Energy Plans and their impact on you

Environmentalist Award - choose one

Environmental Fundraiser challenge

Environment Issues Multimedia Game

Evaluate Heart Health in a group

Food + Activity = Weight

Global Warming and Climate Change

Health insurance - who should pay?

How to be Healthy Campaign

Images as Messages

Lead Pb Environmental and health issues

Lunch Menu Calorie count SS/chart

Mystery Bird Challenge

Mystery Butterfly Challenge

Mystery Caterpillar and IPM

Native Plants Garden Landscape pbl

Natural Resource Wars

Oceans - a cause for concern How can your community help?

Product Packaging Conundrum

Sheets Island Archipelago in Pennsylvania

Smart Meters & electricity use

green bullet Sagan - Reflect on this mote of dust essay new

green bullet Time Capsule - Study Unit Assessment new


Air and Air Pollution

Drought Presentation Problem based learning project

How Clean is the Air in Your Community?

Observation - Science Skill Builders

Precipitation and Population math

The Sun - renewable energy source

Weather Observation

Weather - Temperature

What are our Nation's Priorities about Hunger?

Weather Reports - Painting a positive picture

Winter Song Photo Storyspacer

drop Water

Water cycle, Groundwater, Fresh water activity 4th-8th

Learn about Watersheds activity 8th-12th

Lentic ecosystem or Lotic Ecosystem activity

Label this map of Pennsylvania's waters

Oceans - a cause for concern How can your community help?

Water Vocabulary

Fishy Facts Internet Activity

Drought Presentation

Precipitation and Population

Water Wars natural resources - who will be the winner?

Math of Fresh Water video projectnew

Water Math Word Problems

Water Crossword Puzzle - make your own

Habitat Project Digital Science Journal

Ecology Dilemmas in wetlands

Biomes problem based activity

Watering Milkweed - Spreadsheet activity

River - Island issues

Wetlands Ecosystem Study unit:

Habitat | Ecology Vocabulary Exercise

Riparian Buffers - investigate | EcoCommunity Status


Mammals Morphology: Compare - contrast - conclude

Wetlands Mammals Fact Table doc. | pdf.

Trees & plants | Tree Puzzle | Trees Quiz

Birds | Birds of Wetlands Facts Table Activity | Birds Nests

Just Ducky - Duck identifying

Citizen Science - Collect some data

Competition conundrum: Double-crested Cormorant

Insects - Macroinvertebrates

Amphibian Frayer Activity doc. | pdf.

Amphibians Internet Activity | Make a Froggy Facts Song

Wetlands food web activity

Wetland Frayer Activity doc. | pdf.

Ecology Dilemmas | Map & Inventory local Wetlands

eGame - Make an envirogame on wetlands

Wetlands Poem Project | A to Z Book about wetlands

Eagles in your State Evaluation

Wetlands Photos: page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4

Off this site Outstanding!

Puzzling and Perplexing Problems - for 6-8 grd.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century

Exploring the Environment modules and activities


Ecology Lessons - Nature Center

Science @ NASA Windows on the Universe - Current solar system info

Science Links and Resources

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