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Bats at the Beach Activity
Based on the children's book Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies. Watch it read aloud on YouTube

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1. In the story, the bats live in barns, caves and rafters. Name each continent where bats live. (Thinking required)


Name a national park that has a famous cave you can visit and watch the bats.


If you want to see the bats, what are the best months to visit the park?


2. Bats eat insects for munchtime and for dessert. How many other foods do bats eat? __________

Name four foods bats eat other than insects.





3. Some bats pretend to be kites. Write the three C's of kite safety.







4. The bats do many fun things during their trip to the beach. Rank these activities in order from
your most favorite to the least favorite thing to do.

a. beach ball
b. jet ski
c. sand castle
d. sail
e. swimmer




Most -


5. The author of the story, Brian Lies, lives in Massachusetts. They have 7 kinds (species) of bats in that state.
Find the answer
- How many different kinds of bats are found in your state?


6. Complete this Fun at the Beach writing activity.

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