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1. What do birds have that NO other animal has?


2. Write three things that all birds have in common.



3. How do perching birds manage to stay in the tree even when they are asleep?


4. If you see a bird's bill, you can guess what it eats. Describe two different bills and what a bird with that bill would eat.



5. True or False Birds use wings and feathers to fly. All birds have feathers and wings. So all birds can fly. Explain



6. What is the wing span (distance from wing tip to wing tip) of a Great Blue Heron?
Hint: to quick find a keyword like "heron" on a long page - use the Find command.
Go Edit ... Find. Enter the keywords (Great Blue Heron). Tap the return key.

You will jump down the page to the Great Blue Heron text!


Math challenge: Compare this with your "wing span".
The distance between your middle finger tips with your arms wide spread (your wingspan) is about the same as your height.
Who has a larger wing span the Great Blue Heron or you? How much is the difference?



7. How long is a Ruby-throated Hummingbird?


Math challenge: Compare that with the length of your index finger. Which is longer?


8. Explore these different bird nests. Describe the one you believe is most unusual.




9. Windbreaks can be very helpful to birds. Name three ways they help.
(You do not need to read every word to find the answers - Scan the headlines)


What organisms, other than birds, benefit from windbreaks?



10. Consider the planting chart for a habitat garden.
Select one tree, one shrub, one vine and a plant that would be good for birds.
Write them here.

tree -


shrub -

vine -




11. Name your state's official bird. Have you ever seen that bird in the wild?


12. If you were a bird, you'd be glad you had feathers for 3 reasons. Use your research skills to name them.



13. Write the names of two extinct birds. Write two endangered birds.


What is the difference between a bird that is endangered and a bird that is extinct?

Harness the bird info resources Audubon Guide to North American Birds
Enter the name of one of the endangered birds you listed.

What are the chances you'll see one in your community?


14. If someone called you a bird brain, you should reply, "Thanks!" Why?


15. Birds gather in groups we call
(You probably know this without looking it up.)


Bobwhite quail gather in a group called a

Why do birds gather in these groups?


List two or more reasons that people gather in groups.


16. What do we call a person who studies birds? (Use your online research skills to find the answer)




Extend your effort:

blue bird feather Food for thought: Write a question you have had about birds or a specific bird.

blue bird feather Build your scientific observation skills - what do you observe in this photo of a nest?

blue bird feather Complete this Frayer Model to show what you know about Birds - doc format | pdf format

blue bird feather Explore the Bluebirds Project.

blue bird feather Just for fun complete an All About Birds Quiz.


In 1903, the Pelican Island National Refuge off the coast of Florida was established. It was the first federally protected habitat.
President Theodore Roosevelt
created the Refuge. He acted after learning that hunters were killing the birds.
They sold the fancy feathers to hat makers for ladies' hats.

chickadeeDone already?

blue feather Enjoy this online book The Best Treat of All. blue bird feather Osprey Watch Web at Pelican Island
bluebird featherAsk the PTO at your school to help you create a school yard habitat blue feather Learn about eggs using one of the hunts. Then tackle the egg puzzle.
blue feather Birds of Meadows, Fencerows and Fields blue feather Get to know 20 backyard birds
blue feather Birds Exploration blue bird fether Learn about Nests scavenger hunt
blue feather The Life of Birds blue bird fether Eagles - How are they doing in your state?
blue feather Birds of the Wetlands blue feather Birds basics

blue featherLocate your State's Bird checklist. Start looking and listening for birds. Consider making a bird list for your community.

blue feather Screech Owl Activity based on Screech Owl at Midnight Hollow by C Drew Lamm

"Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there
except those that sang best." Henry Van Dyke


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