Evaluate Heart Health in your class or family

1. Measure the pulse of each person in the group, class or family. (How to measure a pulse)


2. Chart/graph the results using a spreadsheet.



Math Dude offers a helpful video on Mean.

MathFLIX offers several videos on Mode, Mean & Median.


3. Identify the mean, median and mode. What are your findings?



4. What issues/activities impact heart health? (Research may be required.)


5. What changes should the individuals make to improve the group's heart health?


6. What role should government play in the changes?


Heart Facts Internet Hunt | Food + Activity = Weight

How to be Healthy Campaign | Privacy of Personal Information at School | Hunger in America

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Proof your responses. It is funny how speling errors and typeos sneak in to the bets work. smiling icon Make your own printer paper answer sheet