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bird Birds of Fields, Fencerows and Meadows

Birds are valuable members of any ecosystem or habitat. There are over 10,000 species of birds in the world. Over 2000 species have been observed on the North American continent. Different habitats attract and support different species of birds. Discover the birds who live in fields, meadows and fencerows.

Bird facts resources:

Birds of the Grassland Patuxent Bird Identification pages NestWatch
BioKids Critter Catalog Looking or Listening Learn about Birds Activity 1
Learn Bird Songs Electronic Naturalist Eggsactly: An Egg Activity basic
All About Birds Classification of Animals An Egg Activity ms/hs
Field Guides - 5,500 species Open Sesame - How do birds open seeds?  

brown feather Vocabulary to master: Vertebrate, invertebrate, prey, predator, omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, nocturnal, diurnal, crepuscular, population, endangered, distribution, feather, clutch, altricial or precocial, flock, covey, swarm, solitary, vertebrate, nest, wing, claw, beak, bill, cache, adapt, migrate, ornithologist, raptor.

brown feather Do the Birds Internet Hunt and the Nests Internet Hunt

brown feather Compare/Contrast the nests of a Killdeer and a Red-tailed Hawk or a Bluebird and a Bobwhite

brown feather Complete the Feather Fact Finder Activity

brown feather Describe the Classification of song birds or owls to their Order.

brown feather Describe a unique or interesting behavior of 4 meadow birds. Why do birds do that? | What Is a Bird?

brown feather How does this behavior help the bird survive?

brown feather Learn to identify these birds. Learn to recognize their songs.


Hummingbird found in your region

Bobwhite quail

Eastern Kingbird

Northern Cardinal


Horned lark

Indigo Bunting

Red-Tailed Hawk

Eastern Bluebird | Bluebirds Project

Song Sparrow

Screech Owl

Eastern Meadowlark

Tree Swallow

Rufus - sided Towhee American Robin Wild Turkey
Purple Martin    

tablr Use a table to develop a facts sheet about these birds.

Complete a Birds Facts frayer model activity doc format | pdf format

Career and work

brown feather Identify a job related to birds or their habitats.

How much does a person doing that job earn? US BLS Occupation Outlook

What kind of training do you need to get or do that job?


brown feather Try its - Meadow Birds online crossword puzzle.

Challenge yourself - make a crossword puzzle using vocabulary and facts you have learned in this project.

Mystery Bird Challenge - ID that bird | Nest observation skills activity

Select a Fields, Fence rows, Farms and Meadows photo.

Which of the birds we are studying, would you anticipate finding in that habitat?

brown feather Strange Dead Bird Mystery

brown feather Migratory songbirds at long last leave a trail

Fields, Meadows, and Fencrows: Habitat / Mammals / Birds / Insect - Butterflies / Trees & Plants / Conclusion

Screech Owl Activity / Feather Fact Finder / Bats are our Buddies / Food Web Activity / Life Cycles / Digital Science Journal

Ecology Vocabulary Exercise | EcoCommunity Status in your state | Fields, Meadows & Fence rows photos

Citizen Scientist - Collect some data | Collecting data Activity doc. / pdf

Wildflowers info | Pennsylvania HS Envirothon | Milkweeds & Monarch Butterfly Mania

Water and watershed studies | Plants and People | School Habitat Garden Project | Bald Eagles in your state project

Pennsylvania Environment and Ecology Education

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Teachers: Make Your Own Printed answer sheet.

The goal of this web project is to inform people through research and employing higher order thinking skills. This study unit encourages the use of free Internet information resources. Activites often develop writing, information literacy, technology and mathematics skills. The resources posted here may be freely adapted or modified to meet each student's unique skills or interests.

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