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Fields, Fencerows, Farms and Meadows photos

I took these photos in Central Pennsylvania and Virginia. Students may use them for projects and presentations.
Click on each image to see a larger version. Download the image to your computer by dragging it to your desktop. Then add it to your project. Thanks! Do not link to the image here. Another set of royalty free photos

Project proposals:

1. Select several images that show ecological succession. Put them in the correct sequence. Explain the events.

2. Select an image. Evaluate the environment shown. Good for plants & wildlife? Good for people?
How might it be changed to improve its impact on the ecosystem?

3. Select an image. Which species of plants and animals would you anticipate finding there?

Fly ash dam meadow

Brushy row along a road

grassy area under power lines

Corn field along paved road

Fenced area protects a brook crossing pasture

Fence row

Harvested field with cemetery in the distance

Partially harvested corn field

Family garden under power lines clear cut

Hay field, fallow field, wooded edge

Grassy berm behind stores

Spring blossoms in mountain meadow

Brush and native flowers

Mountain top meadow

Overgrown yard after house demolition

Wooded hillside

More royalty free photos | Photos 3 | Photos 4

Fly ash dam meadow

Brush covered hillside

Abandoned building lot

Row of unharvested corn left

Fence line between a pasture with hillside

Rolling pasture with wooded edge

Fallow fields

Golf course dotted with trees

Grassy field

Parking lot at mall with vegetative islands

Cleared wooded area next to Penns Creek

Brushy hillside

Close up of drying weeds in field

Ferns cover forest floor

New wire fencing along pasture

Private club entry drive & golf course

Why I ask you to not link to these photos - Web sites are charged by the volume of pages and images sent. Pages & images files are sent so you can view them in your browser on your computer. If you link here, you run up my bill and I have to pull down the page and images so the rest of the site can run. Since I am giving them away to you, there is no need for you to run up my web site bill. Thanks.

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Posted 10/2008 by Cindy O'Hora Updated 11/2013

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