Drought Presentation

Watch 'Down to the Last DROP' a winning StudentCam video about Freshwater Sustainability CSPAN
Watch 'Lake Allatoona Water Levels' a winning StudentCam video CSPAN

The members of your community action club worked hard two Saturdays ago. You picked up trash along local roads. The club collected over 100 bags of trash. Your group earned a special event. You were going to a local park that has a lake. Everyone was looking forward to playing in the cool waters and exploring the woods. A picnic was planned along with a bonfire at the end of the trip. You had purchased a cool ball that you throw while in the water. It sprinkles water on you when you catch it. You were also planning to canoe to the island in the center of the lake.

The event has just been cancelled. Your leader explains that there is a drought. The lake is very low.
Officials have closed the park to protect it.

The club members are disappointed. What is a drought? What factors caused it?
Is there any chance you could go tomorrow?

Your group leader suggests you take action by creating a presentation for your families and
your schools about the drought and what people can do about it.

Make a live or video presentation about droughts & freshwater sustainability.

Inform the audience with an abundance of facts.

  • What is your community's principle source of freshwater?
  • What alternative freshwater sources are available?
  • How serious is a drought? How is it measurable?
  • What are the signs of a drought?

Provide a map that demonstrates the regions impacted by a current drought.

Include photos or video of local water-related resources.

Explain the impacts of a drought on your community.

Who should be given priority for water if the drought continues? Prioritize: Hospital, homes, schools, library, Car wash, ornamental tree nursery, a farm with fruit orchards, a farm with livestock, a grocery store, paper mill that is major employer, vegetable cannery, retirement home, museum, public shopping mall, fountains at war memorial, community pool or water recreation park.

Visual Ranking tool - Analyze and Prioritize Information

Conclude with specific adaptations that individuals, businesses and organizations should take during a drought. What should the schools do? What should local government officials do?


Resources to get you started:

NOAA Drought Information Center National Drought Mitigation Center
Water, Water Everywhere? Surf your Watershed - U.S. EPA
Tiny research center plays big role in monitoring drought CNN Article Drought Information for Kids
USGS - Water Watch PA Drought Information Center
Freshwater Facts - Did you know? Natural Resource Wars - who will be the winner? PBL
Learning about Waters and Watersheds Only action produces change - Social Marketing
Water on the Web Writing to persuade
America has been a country that builds dams. There are more than 75,000 major dams in the US. video

Watershed Academy's Distance Learning Program -- Watershed Academy Web free resources

Set a SMART goal - (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results oriented, Time related.)

You do not have to be physically together to work together. - Watch Google Docs video - How could you use Google Docs to do a project?

Jobs related - The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs for Environmental scientists and hydrologists grew by 25% Much faster than average growth. Job growth should be strongest in private consulting firms. Driving this growth is the need to comply with regulations on flood control, clean air, and ground water decontamination and the need to cope with demands on resources by a growing population.

Geoscientists jobs grew by 22% in 2006. Much faster than average growth. The need for energy, environmental protection, and land and water management is expected to spur growth. Those with a master’s degree should have excellent opportunities, especially in the management, scientific, and technical consulting industry. Budget constraints are expected to limit opportunities in governments.

"Water links us to our neighbor in a way more profound and complex than any other." John Thorson

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