seeds in ood Images as Messages

Photographic artist, Chris Jordan, has used his photos and photo software to create images
that send messages about our consumer society. Using single images repeated, he represents huge statistics in a visual format.

Watch: Photographic Artist Chris Jordan at PBS

View his Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait works online.

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Select a consumer issue or an item you discard regularly.

Use Jordan's technique to create an image that sends a message.

Write a brief paragraph that provides the statistics you are representing and your source for the data.

You could consider making a statistical calculation specific to your school or community.

How many plastic bottles are used each day?

How much paper or copies?

How many styrafoam cups or trays are thrown away?

How many students drive to school?

Is water used wisely?


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Posted 9/2007 by Cynthia J. O'Hora

Aligned with Pennsylvania Academic Standards - Ecology & Environment
Explain how human activities may affect local, regional, and global environment.
Aligned with Pennsylvania Academic Standards for
Arts & Humanities, Reading , Writing, and Speaking