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sulfer butterfly
Common Sulfer Butterlfy on Buddleia
copyright 2011 Lisa Haberman
North American Butterflies & Moths
of Fields, Meadows and Fencerows

painted butterfly
Newly emerged Painted Lady Butterfly

Harness these Butterfly Resources:

The Butterfly web site

Milkweed & Monarch Butterfly Mania

Butterflies of North America

Butterfly & Moth Life Cycle
Zoom's Butterfly site Classification of Animals eNaturalist Mystery caterpillar & IPM
Puddle Party BioKids Critter Catalog    

Start with the Butterfly Internet Hunt part 1 to become acquainted with general butterfly facts.

Things to Discover:

monarch butterfly 1. Label the parts of a butterfly and explain each part's function: Site 1 | Site 2 | M-W Visual Dictionary

forewing, proboscis, hindwing, antennae, head, eye, thorax, legs and abdomen

Hind wings help butterflies make swift turns to evade predators

Frayer Activities - Butterflies - doc. | pdf. , Moths - doc. | pdf.

monarch butterfly 2. Describe the five families of butterflies: Swallowtail, sulphurs, brushfooted, gossamer wings, & skippers.

Name one species of each family of butterflies that can be found in your region. Taxonomic Groups

monarch butterfly 3. Diagram the butterfly life cycle: egg, larva, caterpillar, cocoon/chrysalis/pupae, and adult.

monarch butterfly 4. Complete the Butterfly Anatomy and Life Cycle: Cloze Activity

monarch butterfly 5. What is Complete Metamorphosis and Incomplete Metamorphosis?

Frayer Activity - Insect Metamorphosis - doc. | pdf.

monarch butterfly 6. What role does mimicry and camouflage play in a meadow insect's survival?

monarch butterfly 7. What is an insecticide? What is a herbicide? How could each one impact butterflies?

monarch butterfly 8. Identify a butterfly or moth that is considered a pest. Why?

monarch butterfly 9. Name a species of butterfly or moth that is considered rare or endangered in your state.

Identify a plant and an animal that may depend on this insect.

What impact would the loss of the butterfly or moth have on the habitat?

What action(s) can be taken to protect it?

Does your state have a state insect? If yes, have you observed it?

monarch butterfly 10. What is a host plant? How is the milkweed important to the Monarch Butterfly?

Assess the situation - Select a butterfly found in your community. Does its host plant(s) grow at your school, home or local park?

monarch butterfly 11. Observe carefully as you watch A Monarch Butterfly is Born online video.

Write several questions that you have about what you observe.

monarch butterfly Identify these interesting Lepidoptera ...


Host plant

Spicebush Swallowtail - a second site

spicebush, sassafras, sassafras 2

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

wild cherry, tulip poplar

Zebra Swallowtail - a second site

pawpaw, pawpaw 2, pawpaw 3

Clouded Sulphur


Great Spangled Fritillary


Monarch Butterfly


Red Admiral - a second site


American Copper

sheep sorrel

Eastern-Tailed Blues

flowers of legumes

Silver-Spotted Skipper

locusts - native trees Wisteria


Eastern tent caterpillar site 1 - site 2

Cecropia moth

Cabbage Moth

cabbage, broccoli

monarch butterfly Career and Work:

Identify 3 jobs that are related to Lepidoptera.

What percentage of these jobs involve spending most of your time outside?

Would you like a job that involves working outside most of the time?

monarch butterfly Butterfly math project | Make a school habitat garden for butterflies - pbl | School Insect Mascot - pbl

monarch butterfly Describe the Classification of a butterfly or moth to its Order. monarch butterfly Do the Butterfly Crossword Puzzle

Frayer Science Vocabulary Activity - Insect - doc. | pdf.


butterfly iconFields, Meadows, and Hedgerows: Habitat | Mammals | Birds | Insect - Butterflies | Trees & Plants - Milkweed | Conclusion

Ecology Vocabulary Exercise | Life Cycles | Mystery Butterfly activity | Mystery Caterpillar and IPM

EcoCommunity Status in your state | Fields, Meadows & fencerows photos

Citizen Scientist - Collect some data | Collecting data Activity doc. / pdf

Gardening for Butterflies | Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania | Insects Internet Hunt

Mystery Bird activity / What is bugging you? / School habitat garden project

Map trees & Inventory project | Ecology Vocabulary Exercise | Food Web activity | Digital Story Project


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Released to public domain in honor of Mary Davis Treat & Edith Marion Patch, exceptional entomologists .

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The goal of this web project is to inform people through research while employing higher order thinking skills. This study unit encourages the use of free Internet information resources. Activities develop writing, information literacy, technology and mathematics skills. The resources posted here may be freely adapted or modified to meet each student's unique skills or interests.

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