wade island map What action(s) should be taken regarding
the islands of the Sheets Island Archipelago?

Examine the issues:

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission is promoting ecotourism. The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership is endeavoring "to connect communities and enrich lives through enhanced recreation, healthy living, economic prosperity and environmental stewardship.

Several groups in Pennsylvania are promoting the rivers as recreation resources. Susquehanna River Trail Map - The Susquehanna River Trail extends 24 miles from Halifax to Harrisburg. It incorporates four access sites and ten river islands designated for day use and primitive camping.

Party on McCormick's Island

The Central Pennsylvania Conservancy has announced it is willing to purchase McCormick’s Island from the City of Harrisburg. McCormick’s Island is a 100+ acre island is located in the City of Harrisburg directly south of the I-81 bridge in the Susquehanna River. CPC's "intent is to keep the island in its natural state. It will remain open to the public for picnicking, walking and overnight rustic camping, as well as a stop along the Susquehanna River trail."

"In 1912, James McCormick sold the island to the city for $1. The deed specified that the island "shall be used for public recreation park purposes only," and that Harrisburg "shall not sell" it. If any deed conditions are violated, then island ownership returns to McCormick's heirs." Conservancy would be island's best custodian, Pennlive

Several elected officials question selling the island.

Who should control McCormick Island? Why?



Extend Your Thinking -

- Identify land or resources in your area that have conflicting uses. How would you resolve the problem?

- What action(s) should be taken regarding the birds on Wade Islands?

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