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Essential question: How is a field, meadow and or fencerow an essential part of a community's environment?

You have explored the 5 parts of this Fields, Meadow and Fencerows Study Unit
Bring it all together: Choose one or more to do

1. Watch this video - This Old Habitat - the interconnections between the plants & animals

Make a movie about the habitats found in your community.

Or make a video tour of one habitat in your community.

2. Make an A-Z book for kids about the Fields, Meadow and Fencerow habitat.

Royalty Free: Photos 1 / Photos 2 you may use them in projects

3. Create a Fields, Meadows and Fencerows Facts & Issues eGame

Use appropriate eco vocabulary! Show what you know.

4. Develop a plan for a native plant meadow or fencerow garden at school

Present the plan to the PTO, Student Council, or Community Environment Advocacy Group.
Solicit for their assistance in making it happen

5. Add four new stanzas to Over in the Meadow poem - must be rich in facts. (Primary)

Illustrate each stanza.

6. Contribute to a Nature Mapping project in your community or state - What is NatureMapping?

A Week in the Life of the NatureMapping Program | Example | Another example a school

Or start one - How Do I Start NatureMapping? | Green Maps around the World

Map your Community's Trees Project

7. Citizen Scientist - Collect some data. Report your findings

8. Write a Fields, Meadows and Fencerows Fact Rap Song.

Check out Rhyme, Rhythm, Results educational rap site. Watch a sample rap. Notice that the rap is rich in facts and ideas.

Use public domain music as your background music, unless you can write your own!

9. Evaluate your community or school regarding the recommendations identified by the Outdoor Task Force.

Plan an event that would get people outdoors and focusing on the environment. Envirothon tips

Make a list of local or regional groups/resources available for those interesting in establishing or preserving natural areas.

10. Make an Outsides - In Habitat showcase.

Focused on a topic related to fields, meadows and fencerows.

11. Make at least three Fields and Meadows Crossword Puzzles.

One must be basic level and the others must be challenging.

The questions and answers must touch on all 5 aspects of this study unit.

The easy beginner level one should have at least 30 questions.

The most advanced one should include concepts and principles, as well as, facts. (Succession, diversity)


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