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Exceptional Environmentalist Award

a Problem-Based Learning Project

The Problem:

The Governor has decided to create a new award. It is to recognize a person (or group of people) who has made an extraordinary contribution to the cause of safeguarding or preserving our environment. It could be a scientist, an activist, an author, an educator, a philanthropist, or perhaps a policy maker.

You are on a committee that represents your county. You are to select a person or group that you feel is deserving of the award.
Give special attention to a local person or group.

Select a person from your state to be considered for the award.

Step 1 -

Each member of the group identifies what they know about people who are working to preserve the environment in your community or state.

Step 2 -

Identify what you do not know about the subject. Be specific. Make a list.
Assign the group member who is to find the answers/info.
will be researching info.

Learn how to research elementary | middle school & high school

Step 3 -

Establish criteria for giving an award.

As a group - Discuss your findings on each individual or group of people.
Decide on a nominee and list the reasons for their selection.

Step 4 -

Create a poster to explain your choice and support your selection.

Show your choice as compared to at least 1 other person or group.

Online Resources: I have collected a set of valuable sites for researching environmentalists. Harness the Internet and local resources to fill in the missing facts. You may also use print resources and video based information. If you use a resource not listed here, document it in your cited works (bibliography). If a link is broken, use your online research skills to find the site/page. Copy the title of the source. Paste it in a web search engine. Search.

1. Environmentalist Internet Hunt

2. Google - Look for the Department of Environment for your state. Example PA Department of Environmental Protection

3. Yahoo - use the Web Site directory to "tunnel down" for info

4. The Nature Conservancy

5. The Envirolink Network -

6. The Sierra Club -

7. The National Wildlife Federation -

8. Environmental Defense -

9. Environmental Organization WebDirectory -

10. Environmental News Network -

11. National Library for the Environment -

12. CNN - Heroes

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What you know
What you do not know
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Problem-based learning
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Rubric Template at Bernie Dodge site

Harness these Student Process Guides to prepare your students to be more successful problem solvers and group participants. Check out my activity to harness this resource.

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Posted 7/2004 by Cindy O'Hora