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Oil Production Examining History - Finding the truth

A Problem based Learning Project

The Challenge:

The USA is challenged by rapidly rising prices for energy. Big business and especially industries that create energy are demanding greater access to scare natural resources. They question the rational for protecting the environment. Critics say that millions of acres are already leased to them but they are not developing them.

CSpan video - Domestic Oil Production - Pres. Bush has urged Congress to lift the ban on offshore oil drilling. Democrats have long opposed efforts by Republicans to end the ban on offshore drilling that has existed since 1981. House Democrats hold a briefing to respond to the President. Read

Alaska: The Senator and the Oil Man | Who killed the electric car?

Energy issues site at CSpan | Qs&As About Oil and Gas Leasing - Bureau of Land Management

Dig into the issue. What are the facts? What should be done?


"Nearly three-fourths of the 40 million acres of public land currently leased for oil and gas development in the continental United States outside Alaska isn’t producing any oil or gas, federal records show." AP June. 1, 2004.

Who owns the West? oil and gas leases | The Big Energy Gamble - NOVA online videos

Companies begin quest for oil, gas off Florida | U.S. Energy Information Administration

Reality Check On Offshore Drilling Experts say will not change the price

What should be done about the gas and oil royalties?

Read the Guide to Persuasive Writing

"There are 68 million acres of the US in the hands of Big Oil including in the Arctic.
They are not drilling on them. Why?" Rep Maurice Hinchey, NY

Extend your knowledge:

The Teapot Dome Scandal: How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Steal the Country - Watch the video

Sec. Hitchcock CHECKS OIL DEAL.; Calls Lease of 1,500,000 Acres of Indian Lands Public Scandal.

House Committee Energy and Commerce - Oil Price Speculation Hearing | US Senate Hearing on Energy Security - multiple plans and issues discussed

Energy Forecasts to 2030 - CSPAN free online video | Gassing Up With Garbage

Natural Resource Wars - Who will be the winner? Problem Based Learning Project

Crude Oil is used for more than just gasoline - a problem based learning activity

Pennsylvania Energy and Global Warming look into it new | Investigate Clean Coal - Facts or fictions - problem based learning projectnew

Saving Energy Survey - Chart - Action | Energy and Personal Electronic Devices Activity

Global Warming and Climate Change problem based learning project | How Clean is the air in your community? Problem based activity

The Scientific Method - watch this report about the challenges of air quality in one community.
Will you choose to live near a chemical plant?

How to track Federal Legislation using THOMAS

The Middle East: Life After the Oil Bust


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developed by Cynthia J. O'Hora Posted 6/2008
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Aligned with Pennsylvania Academic Standards Environment and Ecology, Science and Technology: Renewable and nonrenewable resources.
Humans and Environment Explain how human activities may affect local, regional, and global environments.
Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening | Mathematics