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Wetlands photos

I took these photos in Central Pennsylvania and Virginia. Students may use them for projects and presentations.
Click on each image to see a larger version. Download the image to your computer by dragging it to your desktop.
Now add it to your project. Thanks! Do not link to the image here. Another set of royalty free photos

Project proposals:

1. Identify a photo that shows each type of wetland landscape. See Wetland Landscape key.

2. Select an image. Choose a species covered in this ecostudy unit or that is native to your community. Evaluate the habitat shown in the photo. Would it be a good home for the species? Explain. How might it be changed to improve it for the organism you are considering?

3. Select an image. Which species of plants and animals would you anticipate finding there?



Muddy swollen creek backed up at drain pipe


Fenced area protects a brook crossing pasture

Spring blossoms in a mountain meadow

acid drain creek
Rocks stained orange by acid mine drainage Tioga County, PA

acid drainage
Mine acid drainage stains rocks
in stream

urtle in National Zoo's pond

confluence river
Confluence of North and West Branches of Susquehanna River

Ducks on wing

Duckweed and creek plants

Snowfall Central Pennsylvania

wood stream
Woodland stream

Stream crossing meadow

More royalty free Photos 2 | Photos 3 | Photos 4

farm drain
Creek crossing valley farm pasture

Parking lot at mall with vegetative islands

Clear cut wooded area next to Penns Creek

New wire fencing along pasture
with dry ditch along road

Arrowhead plant growing at creek side

Drainage ditch along rural road

Stand of cattails grow in a ditch at the end of small airport runway

Cattails growing in riparian buffer at the edge of a yard.

dead snow geese
Carcasses of snow geese left by hunters on riverbank

dog tooth
Dogtooth violets bloom along creek on warm spring day

Woodland waterfall

farm ford
Ford of stream on a farm

You may also use photos in the Lentic or Lotic Ecosystem project.

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Posted 1/2009 by Cindy O'Hora

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