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Wetland EcoStudy unit - Wetlands photos

I took these photos in Central Pennsylvania and Virginia. Students may use them for projects and presentations.
Click on each image to see a larger version. Download the image to your computer by dragging it to your desktop. Then
Now add it to your project. Thanks! Do not link to the image here. Another set of royalty free photos

Project proposals:

1. Identify a photo that shows each type of wetland landscape. See Wetland Landscape key.

2. Select an image. Evaluate the environment shown. What kinds of plants & wildlife would benefit from it? It is good for people because....?
How might it be changed to improve its impact on the ecosystem?

3. Select an image. Which species of plants and animals would you anticipate finding there?


Ferns along stream

Flooding stream

forest stream
Forest Stream

frozen creek
Frozen creek Snyder County, PA

Canada goose on water retention pond in new mall

Leaves in stream

Bivalve shells on beach of Susquehanna River Shamokin Dam

Opossum in tree on river bank

rain fall

retention pond
Water retention pond next to parking lot

Woodland stream with muddy bank

Rue and violets growing on stream bank

Migrating Tundra Swans on Susquehanna River

Edge of stream crossing meadow

orange water and stream bank
Orange water gushes from mountain side Shamokin Creek, Northumberland County, PA

Orange water discharge from mountain in Central PA.

close up coal waste mountain
Culm, coal waste hill along PA. highway

More royalty free photos 1 | photo 3 | photos 4

Rhododendron at lake edge

Flood plain along Penn Creek

Flood plain at Chatham Mansion looking across
the Rappahannock River at Fredericksburg, Virginia

flood palin
Flood Plain with vegetation

lake beach
Lake beach

lake with boats
Boats on beach at lake

Mallard ducks on pond shore

Riparian buffer along Susquehanna River

Plants growing along deep shade stream

reflecting pool
Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Washington D.C.

roof garden
Green roof garden, Forest Resources Building, Pennsylvania State University

rocky stream
Rocky mountain stream

Stream bank


acid mine drainage redediation
Acid mine drainage remediation project by Shamokin Creek Alliance of Northumberland County, PA

coal mine plant
Coal mine plant Northumberland County, PA.

Coal Waste hills along rural road
Culm, coal waste enormous hills along rural road.

You may also use photos in the Lentic or Lotic Ecosystem project.

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Posted 1/2009 by Cynthia J. O'Hora, Supplemented 5/2009