Food + Activity = Weight & Health

Many people have lots to say about eating and exercise. The problem is that they are frequently contradicting each other.
Add the voices that tell us to eat more because they sell food. If we eat more, they make more money. The government
says Americans are getting too fat. It makes us sick and can lead to early death.

The Federal government has required schools to create a Wellness Policy. Part of the policy is to provide nutritious breakfasts and lunches. Schools are also to consider how much exercise students get at school. Take a look at your school’s wellness policy.

Step 1: Check them out

Evaluate a month’s lunch menu at your school. Rate one lunch on how it provides students with a healthy meal.
Select three items to evaluate the meal for: Fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, protein, sugars or fiber.

Which lunch is the most nutritious?


Which lunch is the least nutritious?


Which is your favorite lunch?


Step 2: Create a nutritious lunch or breakfast you would like to have served at school.



Vote. Which lunch or breakfast is the favorite of the class?



USDA Nutrition resources

NutritionData - lots of helpful information | Calorie and Fat Gram Chart

How Many Calories Does That Burn? | Calorie Counter

10 foods that aid weight loss | About BMI for Children and Teens

Hunger in America

Examine the Data on overweight teens - use the source noted on the form to update the data then complete the exercise.


Activity or Exercise

Step 3: Estimate how much physical activity you do each week.

Measure in minutes or hours. Exercise is not just competitive sports. Many other activities are exercise.

Do you walk to school? Count it.

Do you do chores on a farm or around your home. Count them.

Do you study dance or martial arts? Count it.

Are you working at a job that requires you be on your feet and moving around? Count it.

Volunteering time can count if it is active like Habitat for Humanity work.

Walks to get together with friends count, too.

School dances count, too (if you dance or move around).


The Walking site


Step 4: How far do you have to walk to burn off that meal?

Use the Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculator

Calculate the calories in your favorite fast food.



How many miles will a person have to walk to burn off the calories?

Walking Calories Calculator




Walking 2000 steps is equal to walking about a mile.


Watch Frontline’s report – Diet Wars

Fast Food Nation  by Eric Schlosser - Do you Want Lies with that?

Lunch Menu Calories tracking project

Visit this site about advertising tricks. Read the section about food.
List three ways they mislead you in food advertising.


How to be Healthy Campaign - PBL | US Priorities on Hunger

US priorities - Health Care | US Priorities - Health insurance | Health Care Reform Issues

Teen Health Topics Research Project | Health Enrichment Activity – Infectious Diseases

Food + Activity = Weight | Healthy County - health issue video | Consumer Excess


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