Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania

Watering Milkweed - Spreadsheet activity

Scientists like to consider all their options or choices. Help Jen consider her choices for feeding the milkweed.

Carefully observe both videos @ MathFlix

Pouring 52 Ounces Computer Part 1 & Part 2.

Apply the method demonstrated in the videos to make a spreadsheet and a note pad text report for Jen.

Jen is using a fertilizer she mixes in water. She needs to give the plant 24 ounces of water each week.

She has a 3 ounce measuring cup that came with the fertilizer, a 6 ounce can and a plastic drinking glass that holds 12 ounces.

Write 4 combinations of how Jen can feed the milkweed plant using the containers.

She does not have to use all three each time. She may use them more than once.


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Milkweed plant

Helping plants grow well activity

Watch Green Thumbs video - future channel Conduct the experiment. What are your findings?

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