Smart Meter Plan to save on electricity

The leaders of the state are deeply concerned about electric use. Experts are warning that with the deregulation of electricity, many people will find their electric bill rising dramatically. Some say it will jump by as much as 70%. The increase is not due to an increased use, but rather a dramatic rise in the price of electricity.

One proposal to help people deal with this problem is implementing smart meters.

What is a smart meter?

How much do they cost?

How does the meter save electric costs?

How will homeowners need to change their behavior to control their electric bill?

Does a person need the meter to save the money?

Identify some ways to conserve electricity.

List two alternatives to conserving electricity use.


“Ben Franklin may have discovered electricity-
but it is the man who invented the meter who made the money”
Earl Warren

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"Virtually everyone involved with the issue seems to agree that electricity deregulation can work. The major question is how. The drive for electricity deregulation is being led by seven groups, each of which advocates changes to the current system that provide the greatest benefit to their members, reports Congressional Quarterly. The groups have spent a combined $50 million lobbying lawmakers, according to their own reports to Congress, which are believed to contain extremely conservative figures." OpenSecrets - Electricity Deregulation

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