alarm clockHow do you spend your time?

In 2005, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a survey of 13,000 households asking how the resident's spent their time. The results are the ATUS - American Time Use Survey.

Average hours per weekday spent by high school students in various activities

Average hours per day
Not employed
Work and related
Socializing, relaxing, and leisure
Sports, exercise, and recreation
Religious, spiritual, and volunteer

NOTE: Data include persons ages 15 to 19 who were enrolled in high school.
Weekdays include non-holiday weekdays during Jan. - May 2005 and Sept. 2005 - Dec. 2005.
Data are annual averages for 2005.
CHART of the data

checkmark Conduct a survey of your peers. Ask for similar data.


checkmarkCreate a spreadsheet to generate charts that show the data

Do your peers use their time in amounts that are similar to those polled in the ATUS?

Is there a question about time use that they did not ask?

What is the question?

How much time do you and your peers spend in that activity?

(Need help with percentages? MathFLIX free, online videos | Khan Academy free, online math videos)

checkmark Rank your priorities for your time - Use Intel's free Visual Ranking tool

checkmark Hmmm.

Take a Child Outside Week is a program that is targeted at kids.
How does this program define "being outside"?


checkmarkPeople might want to change how a group of people spend their time. Examine their motives.

Read the Power In Numbers. Read the article Polls.

Why would a business owner want to change how you spend your time?

Why would a teacher want to change how kid's spend their time?

Why would a club advisor, coach or music director try to change kid's free time behavior?

Why would the government want to change how you spend your time?


checkmark The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission has noticed that the number of kids who are fishing is in sharp decline.
The commission is funded primarily by user fees in the form of fishing license and boat registration sales.

Why does this government agency want to motivate young people to spend their time fishing?


checkmark Suppose you wanted to change how teens spend their time in a specific category.

Which one would you try to change?

Why would you want to change it?

How would you go about encouraging that change?



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"Does thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of." Ben Franklin

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