Wetlands Ecosystem Study Unit

Examine the variety and numbers of organisms that live in wetlands. You will discover that wetlands are one of the most productive habitats on earth. There are many types of wetlands including fresh and salt water marshes, bogs, fresh and salt water lakes, estuaries, swamps, retention ponds, vernal pools, and river banks.

Investigate: How are wetland habitats an essential part of a community's ecosystem?

wet I - Wetland Habitat - Begin | Ecology Vocabulary Exercise | Collecting Data pdf / doc.

Food Web Activity | EcoCommunity Status in your State | Riparian Buffers - investigate | Ecology Dilemmas

Wetlands facts activity - doc format | pdf. format | Map & Inventory local Wetlands | "Identifying Wetlands" Lesson Plan

Extras: Fresh Water Facts Activity | Ground Water & Drinking Water EPA | Lentic or Lotic Habitat activity

Make a schematic representation | Habitat Frayer wkt pdf / doc. | Ecology Frayer wkt pdf / doc.

skunk II - Wetland Mammals - Begin | Mammal Facts Table Project doc / pdf

Mammal Morphology - Compare - Contrast - Conclude. | Bats are our Buddies Activity

icon bird III - Wetlands Birds - Begin | Birds Facts Table | Birds - Nests and Rearing | Name that Duck

Competition conundrums: Double-crested Cormorant OR Canada Goose | Examine status of local birds

Just Ducky puzzle | On the Move - Migration Internet hunt

Frayer Science Vocabulary Activity - Birds doc. | pdf.

Extra: Eagles Status in your State - problem based learning

boatman IV Macroinvertebrates - Aquatic insects - Life Cycles

Water Quality Monitoring - A How To Guide - Pond and Stream Study Guide

Wetlands Facts sheets from US EPA | Extra: Insect Mascot for school - pbl

Frayer Science Vocabulary Activites: Insect Metamorphosis - doc. | pdf., - Insect - doc. | pdf.

frog V - Amphibians - Begin | Life Cycles | Amphibian Internet Hunt UTD 2020 | Amphibian facts activity - doc format | pdf. format

Frayer Science Vocabulary Activity - Amphibians doc. | pdf

Extra fun: Frog Facts Song

tsicon VI- Trees and plants - Trees & Plants of Wetlands | Riparian Buffers - investigate

Biodiversity Exploration Investigation

extras: Tree Inventory and Mapping Project | Wildflowers | Tree Facts Internet Hunt

red Completion - Bring together what you know about wetlands in a Conclusion Project.

Show what you have learned

Extensions - Wetlands Poem (ele) | Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Project (mid)

Make an eGame about Wetlands | School Habitat Garden Project (adv)

camera Habitat Project Digital Science Journal | Stream Assessment form. | Honor an Environmentalist in your state - pbl

Observation skills builder - Sky View, Pool

Ecology Vocabulary- Word Splash

Photos - Evaluate the habitat shown in one.

camera Wetlands Photos: page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4

Students ARE permitted to download and use the photos to complete multimedia projects.

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The goal of this web project is to inform people through research and employing higher order thinking skills. This study unit encourages the use of free Internet information resources. These activities are intended to develop: writing, analytic, science, information literacy, technology and mathematics skills. The resources posted here may be freely adapted or modified to meet each student's unique skills or interests.