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small monarch butterfly Butterfly Math

Learn about butterflies using numbers. Butterfly Anatomy

1. How many major body parts do butterflies have?

Write them:

Compare this with ants. How many major body sections do ants have?


2. How many wings does a butterfly have?

Name the 4 structures on the butterfly's head.


3. Wingspan is the distance from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other wing.
Monarch butterflies have a 10.16cm. wingspan.

What is the longest wing span of a butterfly (in metric units)?

What is the shortest wing span of a butterfly (in metric units)?

What is the difference (in metric units)?


Challenge: What is the largest butterfly found in your state?

What is the smallest butterfly found in your state?

Write in order from largest to smallest three butterflies found in your state.


4. How many different kinds (species) of butterflies are there in the world?


Use your research skills to answer these questions.

How many different kinds (species) of butterflies live in your state?

Write as a fraction the number of world butterfly species found in your state.


What is the percentage of world butterfly species that are found in your state?
(Need help with calculating percentages? MathFLIX Videos | Khan Academy Videos)


5. How many stages are there in the life of a butterfly?

Name them.


Extra: Travelers - Watch Monarch Migration Video PBS

Estimate (or determine using an online mileage calculator) the longest distance you have ever traveled.

Compare your trip with this Monarch Butterfly - "One tagged butterfly was tracked along a 1,870-mile route.
Originally tagged on September 18, 1957 in Highland Creek, Ontario, it was spotted again in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, four months later. Of course, the butterfly's actual flight distance was even longer than a map suggests, because the insects don't fly in a straight line. They must dodge mountains, fight against winds, and flee predators on their perilous journeys."

Voyagers PBS site | Sort the Insects - activity

Monarch Butterfly migration report - listen online


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