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Exploring Birds Internet Activity

Directions: Bookmark this web page. Click the links to go to a site with the question's answer. If you get a "File not found" message, use your Internet research skills to find the answer on another web site. Use the Bookmark to return to this page for the next question. If a link does not work, use your internet research skills to find the answer. Digital answer format info

Food for thought: Write a question you have had about birds or a specific species of bird.


1. How many different Orders of birds are there?

Select three Orders from the list. Write the scientific name and a unique characteristic of the birds
in that Order, which live in your region.
(Research required)







2. Explain the difference between a bird call and a bird song.



3. You may know that hummingbirds sip nectar. What else do they eat?

TAI - (Think about it) How does that impact their ecosystem?


4 . Bluebirds have three challenges. One is nesting site loss. What is the other? Second resource | Bluebirds Project



5. Many ducks nest on the ground. Where does a wood duck nest?



6. Select any two birds listed in the etext version of Life Histories of North American Birds.
Compare them. (Compare means to find their similarities.)





Techie question: Suppose your library has one print copy of this book.
How is an etext version a better resource for a large class that is researching birds?



7. Name the three parts of a bird's wing and the role each plays.







8. Most owls nest in trees. Where does the Burrowing Owl nest?


Why do you think they adopted this nesting place?


9. What plant fuzz does the American Goldfinch use to line its nest?


How does that impact their nesting behavior?


10. Cedar waxwings eat fruit. How does their food choice impact them?


11. Examine this chart of fruits that North American birds eat.

Name three trees/plants that are consumed by many different birds.



Name a couple of birds who are picky eaters.


Which bird is the most flexible eater?


Which bird has the better chance to survive? Explain your choice.



12. Biology is the study of living things. A scientist who focuses on biology is called a biologist.

Ornithology is:

What do you call a scientist who focuses on ornithology?


13. Classification is a way to order our study of living things. Write the classification of eagles beginning with Kingdom.



14. Go find the answer. Which has a higher body temperature: Birds or humans?
(Harness a search engine to obtain the data necessary to arrive at an answer.)


15. If the ability to make and use tools sets humans apart from other animals, what do you make of this discovery?


16. The chickadee is one of the most important pest exterminators of the forest or orchard. Explain


Based on this, how can a farmer encourage more chickadees to come to his orchard?


bluebird Challenge: Your class has decided to erect a nest box at your school. Great!

First things first. Consider the habitat, your locality, the nesting needs of the bird, and
the potential challenges created by a nesting bird family. For which bird would you choose to provide a box?
Support your answer.


blue feather Watch the Nova Science Now online video - Bird Brains

blue feather Observation: Science Skill Builders - Nest | blue feather Mystery Bird ID

blue feather Show what you know - Complete a Frayer Model for Birds - doc. format | pdf. format

blue feather NestWatch- Cornell University citizen science sponsored project - Project FeederWatch - Great Backyard Bird Count

blue feather Celebrate Urban Birds | blue feather Study Reveals Real Reason Birds Migrate

blue feather Watch the bird song video | blue feather Listen to - A Restaurant for the Birds Welcomes All

Done already?

blue feather bullet Develop a local Bird Feeder Watch List blue feather bulletExplore the Class Aves at the Animal Diversity Web
blue feather bullet Trace the taxonomy of a bird of your choice. blue feather bulletCheck out a bird cam. Name the birds you see.
blue feather Work with your PTO or Student Council to create a school yard habitat blue feather bullet The Ivory-billed Woodpecker is not gone!
blue feather Hawk Mountain Sanctuary blue feather bullet Do wind turbines have an impact on wild birds?
blue feather bullet Egg Facts Hunt blue bird fether Learn about Nests hunt
blue feather Birds of Meadows, Fencerows and Fields blue feather Cheep, Chirp, Twitter, and Whistle
blue feather Nest Hunt blue feather Bald Eagle Soars Off Endangered Species List
  blue feather Birds of the Wetlands
blue feather Emergence - How does the "intelligence" of an ant colony or the stock market arise out of the simple actions of its members? blue feather Read this bird book with a young friend or make a themed book of your own!

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