Pennsylvania Projects - learning activities and resources about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  Pennsylvania Government lesson ms/hs butterfly icon Milkweed & Monarch Butterfly Mania
Citizen Rights ms/hs Benjamin Franklin Extraordinary - problem based learning
Make an Internet Fact Hunt about Pennsylvania Prominent Person Award - problem based learning
Pennsylvania Map Activity - history and geography Plants and People
Pennsylvania Facts Puzzle print it 3-6 crossword puzzle bullet Learn about Pennsylvania Ecosystems - Fields & Meadows | Wetlands
Open Records Law 2008 Fresh Water, Water Cycle in Pennsylvania 4th - 7th
Pennsylvania Charters and Important Documents Learning about Watersheds 7-12
County Government of Pennsylvania Project Map Pennsylvania Waters
Who Represents You? Civics research project Lentic and Lotic Ecosystems PA waters
No Place like Home - Geography Research Activity

Pennsylvania Geology - Dig into it - UTD 11/12

Amend the Pennsylvania Constitution Crude Oil is for more than Gasoline pbl
PA Government by the Numbers - legislature Natural Resource Wars - who will be the winner?
Make a Crossword Puzzle of Government Vocabulary crossword puzzle bullet Drought Presentation
Running for Public Office - how to project Energy Plan and its impact on you pbl
PA. Consumer Protection Project Descriptive Writing using a painting by Coppedge
Ballot Access in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Visual Artists
Reforming Government Persuasive Essay - Dickinson Music Artists of Pennsylvania
Freedom of Speech Rights of Students in your School Write a song of Pennsylvania facts
First Amendment Bill of Rights School Test Scores Campaign pbl
Right to Know and our Government School Attendance Campaign pbl
Community's History through its names project

School Native Plants Garden pbl

Look into your Community's Past project School Privacy pbl
Flag of Pennsylvania Youth Voter Campaign
Tax Study Commission problem based learning Community or Project Development Principles pbl
Founding Fathers from Pennsylvania Examine your Government's Demographic Statistics - ss & chart UTD 8/19
History facts and fictions pbl Women's Suffrage - recognize a suffragette
Elbow Room - Exploring Population Density Exceptional Women of Pennsylvania - updated 2/2023
Diversity in your school and community Thomas Paine and Common Sense
Salaries of elected officials Civics Documents projects and essays
What does your Legislator owe you? Smart Meter Plan to save on electricity
Dig into Lobbying in Pennsylvania Government Life Expectancy in Pennsylvania math & social studies
Fact Check - State of the Union or State of the State Sell People on Your Community - research & create a promo 9-12
Bridges or Earmarks - what is the priority? Who should get the money from fines or civil penalties?
eGovernment - Expectations and Evaluate

Government - Sunshine Laws

Holding Government Officials Accountable Constitution Day & Civics resources es/ms/hs
Whose job? - sort government powers Best Weather math webquest - apply this project to PA.
Beliefs and Values of Government in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Student Mock Election
Chart Reading: Uninsured in the USA/PA - Who should pay? PA Spatial Data - GIS basics tutorial new
A Note for Freedom - bell project

PAMAP - electronic map of Pennsylvania Find your town, school, home

Mystery Disk History Challenge MYO - Environment Issues Game
Should Redistricting decisions be made to advantage a sub group? Map trees inventory project
Cities of Pennsylvania Project 3-6gr Pennsylvania Energy and Global Warming look into it
Should level of education or occupation be factors
in car insurance rates?
Understanding and Using GIS
Gas and Diesel Taxes
Literature Related Prominent Pennsylvanians - > 780 people
Revolutionary War on Wednesday Internet lit hunt 2-5 A - B | C- D | E - F | G - L | M - N | O - P | Q - R | S | T - Z
The Scarlet Stockings Spy Quiz 2-6 Vocab Puzzle | Rev. Spies Founding Mothers & Daughters of Liberty
Anna Sunday Internet Activity - literature hunt 4-8 The Vision of William Penn
Fever 1793 Hunt Internet lit hunt 5-9 William Penn Day Project pbl
Stranger in the Woods K - 4 William Penn - phmc site
Make a Time Book - based on Nine O´Clock Lullaby Men of Steel: Three Generations of Mill Workers
Pennsylvania Facts Alphabet Web Book - P Is For Pennsylvania Thomas Paine
The Capital of Pennsylvania WebQuest - off site American Society - Women choosing to remain single
Words from Art & Illustrations Mapping the Journey of Bucks County Artists
Links to learn more about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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Posted 2/2006 by Cynthia J. O'Hora utd 2/2023

Aligned with the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards - Reading, Writing, Speaking, History, Civics and Government, Science and Technology,
Mathematics, Arts & Humanities, Economics, Environment and Ecology, Geography

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