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 butterflyFields, Meadows, and Fencerows Habitat EcoStudy Unit
This study unit explores the fields, meadows and fencerows habitat and the diverse species that live there.

Investigate - How is a field, a meadow and or a fencerow habitat an essential part of a community?

field I - Habitat - Begin | Ecology Vocabulary Exercise | EcoCommunity Status in your State

Vocabulary builders - Habitat Frayer wkt pdf / doc | Ecology Frayer wkt pdf / doc

Food Web Activity | Life Cycles | Collecting Data Activity pdf / doc. | Ecological Dilemmas

redfox II - Mammals - Begin | Mammal Facts Table Project doc / pdf | Predator or prey?

Mammal Morphology - Bats, humans and 1 other mammal. Compare - contrast - conclude.

Bats facts activity - doc format | pdf format | Intro to Classification video

Mammals online Crossword Puzzle | Bats are our Buddies Activity

bluebird III - Birds - Begin | Birds Facts Table | Feather Fact Find Activity | Screech Owl Activity

Frayer Science Vocabulary Activity - Birds doc. | pdf. Nocturnal - doc | pdf

Meadow Birds Crossword Puzzle | Observation skills builders: Nest | Bush

extra: Bluebirds Project | Mystery Bird Challenge | Examine status of local birds

butterfly IV - Insects - Butterflies & Moths | Butterfly Math | Caterpillar and IPM

Observation skills builder: Larvae | Observation - Prediction | Compare & Contrast Butterflies

Mystery Caterpillar activity | Mystery Butterfly Challenge

extras: Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly | Insect Mascot for school - pbl

Frayer Science Vocabulary Activites: Butterflies - doc. | pdf. , Moths - doc. | pdf.

Insect Metamorphosis - doc. | pdf., - Insect - doc. | pdf.

tree V- Trees and plants - Trees & Plants | Leaf it to me - Tree Facts Internet Hunt

Biodiversity Exploration Investigation

extras: Milkweed Plants | Tree Inventory and Mapping Project | Wildflowers | Plants & People

red Completion - Bring it all together in a Conclusion Project.

Show what you have learned - 12 options provided

Extensions - Meadow Poem (ele) | Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Project (mid) | Outside - In Showcase Project

camera Habitat Project Digital Science Journal | Explore Odors in your community

Environment Related Careers | Honor an Environmentalist in your state - pbl

Ecology Vocabulary- Word Splash

Fields, Meadows & Fencerows Habitat Photos 1| Photos 2 | Photos 3 | Photos 4

Evaluate the habitat shown in one.

You are permitted to download and use them to complete multimedia projects

Wetlands EcoStudy Unit | Water & Watershed Studies | Nature | Habitat Garden

Environmental Education Curriculum in Pennsylvania | PA HS Envirothon | Environmental Inquiry


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The goal of this web project is to inform people through research and employing higher order thinking skills. This study unit encourages the use of free Internet information resources. These activities are intended to develop: writing, analytic, science, information literacy, technology and mathematics skills. The resources posted here may be freely adapted or modified to meet each student's unique skills or interests.