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Eggsactly: An Egg Online Activity

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. printer version: pdf | doc

1. Some animals lay eggs. Some do not.

Write the animals that do lay eggs.



2. Read this story about Edgar's Easter Eggs.
(Click on the right pointing arrow arrow rigth to move through the story)

How did Edgar color the eggs?



How did Edgar feel after the hunt?



How do you feel about sharing?



3. What animal lays most of the eggs we eat?


The female or mother bird is called a



4. Look at these pretty Pysanky Eggs
If you made a Pysanky egg, how many colors would you use?


Write the colors here:


5. Egg Anatomy - write a fact for each term:



Air Cell






6. Dinosaurs laid eggs. The first dinosaur egg found was shaped like what kind of ball?


Underline the correct word.

The egg shape is like a -  Triangle  | Rectangle | Square | Oval | Circle


7. Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs were given as presents.

Would you like to be given an egg as a present?

When would you give someone an egg as a present?


Well done:

* Ask your librarian for a book about eggs. I like the book Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller.

* Enjoy Jan Brett's The Easter Egg

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* Watch a chick hatch - write at least 6 observations | Oviparous Frayer worksheet doc | pdf

* Learn about Bluebirds | Birds of Fields and Meadows | Birds of Wetlands

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