Macroinvertebrates - Aquatic Insects of the Wetlands

Macroinvertebrates - Aquatic Insects resources:

Common Aquatic Insects Stream bugs What are benthic macroinvertebrates Virtual Pond Dip
Key to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Aquatic insects info Classification of Living Things
NPS macroinvertebrates Wonderful Stream Bugs Field Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates Stream Flow
Freshwater macroinvertebrates resources Water strider robots & real Aquatic Invertebrates facts
Guide to Identification of Fresh Water Microorganisms Aquatic insect 'family trees' provide clues about sensitivity to pollution
Water Science for Schools USGS NGS The Secret World of Dragonflies video
Macroinvertebrate Feeding Frenzy Dragonfly video @ YouTube

Things to know:

Insects are: Vertebrates or Invertebrates? Ectotherms or Endotherms? Autotrophs or Heterotrophs? (Vertebrate Frayer wksheet doc. or pdf)

water strider image Examine the parts of an insect: Print water strider

antennae, eye, head, thorax, exoskeleton, abdomen, legs (attached to abdomen) & wings.

boatman Identify true bugs, true flies, and beetles (insect frayer model doc. / pdf.)

stoneflie Explore the Metamorphosis of Macroinvertebrates. (metamorphosis frayer wksht - doc. / pdf

Select an Aquatic Insect. Diagram its life cycle. Show the stages. egg, larva, nymph, pupa, and adult.

dragon Learn to recognize several wetland insects - powerpoint presentation.

How are they critical to the wetland ecosystem?


Water Quality

Predator, prey, Both

Mayflies - pict & facts



Dragonflies - larva / pict & facts



Damselflies - pict and facts



Stoneflies - pict & info



Dobsonfly - (larva hellgrammite) pict & facts



Water striders - photo & facts more facts



Water Boatmen - pict and facts



Diving Beetles - look for info



Whirligig Beetles - look for info



Caddisflies - look for info



Black flies - look for info



Crane flies - look for info



cattails Wetlands: Habitat / Mammals / Birds / Macroinvertebrates - Aquatic insects / Plants & trees / Amphibians / Conclusions

Food Web Relationships | Wetland Ecology Vocabulary Exercise | Mammal Morphology compare - contrast

Collecting Data Activity pdf / doc. | Citizen Science Projects - collect some data | Riparian Buffers - investigate

Evaluate your State's Ecosystem / Wetland Ecology Dilemmas / Environmental Issue Video Project

Wetlands Photos: page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4 / Lentic or Lotic ecosystem / Digital Science Journal

Competition conundrums: Double-crested Cormorant OR Canada Goose

Wetland Poem Project / Wetland or Frog Song activity / Wetlands Issues eGame - pbl / Eagles Status Evaluation

Bats are our Buddies / Bats at the Beach Activity / Water Wars / Water & Watershed Studies

Monitor Wetland / Fields, Meadows & Fencerows EcoStudy

PA HS Envirothon | Environmental Inquiry | Investigating Interesting Insect Info


Internet Hunts / Nature / Computer Volunteering / Computer / Puzzles and Projects / Home

Habitat Garden / Bluebird Project / Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania / Plants and People / Best Treat Of All

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"People can often learn about things around them by just observing those things carefully, but sometimes they can learn more by doing something to the things and noting what happens. Describing things as accurately as possible is important in science because it enables people to compare their observations with those of others.

Tools such as thermometers, magnifiers, rulers, or balances often give more information about things than can be obtained by just observing things without their help." Science NetLinks Benchmark 1- Nature of science - How science works

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