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Screech Owl Activity
based on the book Screech Owl at Midnight Hollow by C Drew Lamm

Directions: Use the links to gather facts so you can answer the questions.
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Eastern Screech-Owl Otus asio 1 | Eastern Screech Owl 2 | Western screech-owl Otus kennicottii

The Owl Pages | Screech Owl Video | Eastern Screech-Owl info

1. Vocabulary: Use each word to write a sentence about screech owls.









2. "People can often learn about things around them by just observing those things carefully, but sometimes they can learn more by doing something to the things and noting what happens. Describing things as accurately as possible is important in science because it enables people to compare their observations with those of others.

Tools such as thermometers, magnifiers, rulers, or balances often give more information about things than can be obtained by just observing things without their help."1

Scientists collect data when they study animals. Sometimes this data is a measurement like the length of a body part. Sometimes it is an observation like where an animal nests.

Check out the photos in Chris' Eastern Screech Owl Nest Box Cam (2011 and 2012 have lots of images)

a. List at least 5 observations that a scientist could make of an owl and its nest.




b. Quantitative data is observations that can be measured. Write a Q next to the observations listed above that are quantitative.

An ornithologist is a scientist who studies birds. What branches of science might be involved in investigating owls?


3. Would screech owls live in your neighborhood? Consider the range and the habitat to decide.



4. Have you ever heard the whinny or the trill of a screech owl in the night? A second source



5. The owls nest in a cavity of a sycamore tree. Tree range maps
Do sycamore trees grow in your community?


6. The author writes, "Up in the sycamore tree 14 lemon moons blink. The screech owl family is safe."

How many owls are in the family? (Do the math.)



7. The screech owls eat many different animals. Select one.
Write 5 facts about screech owls or one of the screech owl's prey.
(Utilize your online research skills.)

crayfish, frog, beetles, moth, grasshopper, cricket, meadow vole, earthworm, garter snake, deer mouse, spider



8. Is Screech Owl at Midnight Hollow by C Drew Lamm an example of narrative writing, persuasive writing or informative writing?


Extensions: complete at least one

* Build your vocabulary with this Frayer worksheet Nocturnal - doc | pdf

* Watch this YouTube animation of Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.
Based on what you know about owls, list how is the story accurate. Identify the incorrect things in the story.

* Watch All About Owls on YouTube Note some facts. Now compare/contrast owls with another bird like a Puffin

*Investigate - Which owls are likely to be found in or near your community?

* Harness your Know How

Your class has decided to attract an owl to your school's property.
Use the resources in The Owl Pages site, as well as information you've learned in this hunt, to create a proposal for your principal or PTO.

Include the whys in your proposal.
Consider: equipment, concerns/fears, location, value to the school.
Jazz it up with some images and symbology to support the idea of owls at schools.



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