Patuxent Bird Identification pages Aquatic birds photos - non ducks
Meadowlark and Redwinged Black bird info All About Birds
Ducks facts Field Guides - 5,500 species Electronic Naturalist - nature study with materials
Learn Bird Songs Housing shortage Eagles - How are they doing in your state?
NGS wood duck video Classification of Living Things
Watch Spring comes to the pond on TeacherTube Wildlife Notes One man, a marsh and birds

Vocabulary: flyway, migrate, bill, feather, competition, heron, diving, puddle ducks, prey, predator, wading.

Be able to recognize these birds and tell some facts about their habits.

blue arrow Are these birds vertebrates or invertebrates? Are they Autotrophs or heterotrophs?

blue arrow Do the male and female birds appear the same or different? (species listed below)

blue arrow Complete the Birds of Wetlands Facts Table Activity

blue arrow Does each species live year round in the same place or migrate?

Are the numbers of migrating ducks increasing or decreasing? Why?

blue arrow How are they each adapted to their habitat?

blue arrow Identify one bird that could be found in the wetlands in your area.

blue arrow Competition Conundrums - Two wetland birds are presenting challenges.

Investigate one of the issues. What are some solutions?
Double-crested Cormorants - OR - Canada Goose - A Vicious Cycle

Study these wetlands birds.

Wood Duck - facts

Bufflehead - facts

Red winged blackbird

Belted Kingfisher

Blue-Winged Teal - facts, more facts

Dabble vs Dive

Double-crested cormorants

Northern Pintail - facts

Ruddy Duck - facts

American Bittern

Great Blue Heron

Canada Goose

Common Loon


American Bald Eagle

Just Ducky - crossword puzzle / Name that Duck practice / Wetlands Birds - nests and rearing

blue arrow Select one of the wetland birds. What actions could be taken to support the bird's success in your region?

blue arrow Strange Dead Bird Mystery

Diving deeper into Ducks:

blue arrow Puddle ducks versus Diving ducks / PGC Puddle Ducks

cattails Wetlands: Habitat / Mammals / Birds / Macrovertebrates - Aquatic Insects / Plants & trees / Amphibians / Conclusions

Food Web Relationships / Wetland Ecology Vocabulary Exercise / Life Cycles / Mammal Morphology: compare - contrast

Bats are our Buddies / Amphibians Internet Activity / Riparian Buffers - investigate / Photos: page 1 - page 2 - page 3

Eagles Evaluation / Lentic or Lotic ecosystem? / Collecting data pdf. - doc. / Citizen Science Projects - collect some data

Wetlands Trees of Pennsylvania Puzzle / Digital Science Journal / Wetland Ecology Dilemmas

Wetland Poem Project / Wetland or Frog Song activity / Environmental/Energy Issue Video Project

Water & Watershed Studies / Water Wars / Environmental Careers

PA. Envirothon / Firefly Watch - fun project / Monitor Wetland / Great Outdoors Celebration - pbl


Internet Hunts / Computers / Plants and People / Puzzles & Projects / Pennsylvania Projects / Site map / Home

Nature / Milkweed Mania / Bluebirds at School / Best Treat of All / Habitat: Fields & Meadows / Habitat Garden at School - pbl

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