Make a Compare/Contrast Diagram using AppleWorks 6 Draw

A diagram is a great way to organize information. This project will use the several tools and helpful features available in AppleWorks Draw. Word processing software has many of these draw tools, too.

Level: novice to mid level user.

This lesson uses AppleWorks 6. It can be done using earlier versions of AppleWorks. It can also be done using other Draw software or the Drawing tools available in Word..

lines on diagram


Duplicate - It makes an exact replica of the selected object. Once the spacing is established by you, it will duplicate the spacing, too.
Duplicate can save you lots of time creating and positioning objects.

Grouping - Selected objects are “stuck together” as though they are glued together. If you drag on any of a group, you move all of them.
The spacing between them is locked. The handles appear only on the perimeter of all the grouped objects.
You can Ungroup them by activating their handles and going Arrange .. Ungroup.

Graphics grid and rulers - The graphics grid is all the dots on the blank document. These dots help you orient objects on the page.
They DO NOT print on the document you make. They only serve as a guide. The same is true for the rulers on the left side and top
of the document. You may prefer to do without the dots - go Options .. Hide Graphics Grid.

Arrow Keys - Use the arrow keys to position objects. This avoids changing the shape of the object by accidentally dragging a handle.
Not that this has ever happened to me. ;-)

Undo - Use the Undo feature to go back one step. Go Edit .. Undo. or Command Key command key symbol .. z. It will only work one step backwards.
It will not get the stain off your favorite jacket or miraculously restore that recently broken treasure.
But it will go back one step in the project.

Save frequently - Save regularly as you do this project. Go File .. Save or as we totally cool techies do go command key command key symbol .. s.

Let us begin .. Step 1 - Rounded Rectangles


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