Problem and Project Based Learning Activities
“Too often we give children answers to remember, rather than problems to solve.” Roger Lewin

The Question is the Answer - the secret to great research

Why is project based learning important? - edutopia

Buck Institute - PBL related resources

Project Based Learning Checklists and evaluation developer

Preparing Your Daughter or Son for the Next Century

Project Based Learning At High Tech High

Why use Rubrics?

Activities, Problems and Projects:

Constitution Day projects & Essays resources es/ms/hs

Actively seek out alternative information

ADA - assessment and action project

Alternative Energy Sources and Conservation

Attendance Improvement Campaign

Benjamin Franklin Extraordinary

Biodiversity Exploration Investigation ms/hs

Birds - examine status of local species

Bird Species List for FeederWatch - make one

Biomes - learn about biomes as you select a new home

Bloggez- vous? Should you build a blog?

Bonus Army treatment and veterans today

Bridges or earmarks what is the national priority?

Cars - Event recording device - privacy, safety & justice

Civil Rights - What are yours?

Clean Coal Technology fact or fiction

Club or School Presentation Project

Collaboration Online and Social Networking - Web 2.0

Collaboration online and Social Networking - using it to do work

Colonial American PowerPoint project ppt download

Community's History through its names

Community Green Infrastructure Project

Competition of Birds on Wade Island - updated 3/2013

Computer Time and You

Concussion & Head Injury Action Project

Consumer Protection Project ms/hs

Country trip - Explore countries by making a fact hunt

County Government project

Crude Oil is more than gasoline

Data Mining and Citizen Privacy

Deciding on a Date for the General Election

Develop a Personal, Family or School Creed

Dickens of a Resumé project Who would you hire?

Diminishing Consumer Waste - Make a trash Video

Diversity project

Drought Presentation

Eagles - how are they doing your state?

Earnings in 2007

eGovernment - expectations & evaluation

Emancipation Proclamations

Energy Issue Digital Video Project

Energy Light bulbs compare/contrast Activity

Energy Plans and their impact on you

Energy Saving Survey - Chart - Action

Environmentalist Award - select a person or group from your state.

Environment Issues Game - myo

Environmental Fundraiser Project

Evaluate Heart Health in a group

Evaluate your Senator or Representative

Evaluate a Digital Video Project

Examine a community development project

Math of Fresh Water video project

Food + Activity = Weight

Fourth of July Celebration Plan flag icon

Community Garden Plan

Fundamental Beliefs and Values in Pennsylvania Government

Gas and Diesel Taxes

GeoWeb - Be a cyber cartographer

Global Warming and Climate Change

Government, Statistics and the Media

Government Reform - Term Limits

Government - Earmarks

Government Grants - Homeland Security

Government Integrity - Pensions for Criminal Officials

Government Integrity - The Power of facts from the Web

Government Integrity - Travel and Staffers

Great Outdoors Month event

Growing Greener - Environmental/Energy Issue Video Project

Habitat Digital Science Journal

Healthy Community Video

Health Care Reform

History Facts and Fictions - investigate

Highway Safety and You - examine a report - evaluate an issue - action

How to be Healthy Campaign

Home Ownership - the positives and the negatives

How do you spend your time?

How are the funding decisions made?

Images as Messages

Insect Mascot for school or town

IPM and the Mystery Caterpillar

Iraq's Reconstruction Story the costs

Lead Pb Environmental and Health issues

Lincoln Bicentennial event

Lunch Menu Calories tracking project

McCormick Island use

Mystery Bird Challenge

Mystery Butterfly Challenge

Mystery Disk History Challenge

Mystery Ring History Challenge

Native American Issues - the challenges of the First People

Native Plants at School Landscape Project

Natural Resources Wars - who will be the winner?

A Note for Freedom project

Oceans - a cause for concern - How can your community help?

Observation Science Skills Builders: 40+ activities

Oil leases - who has the oil?

Oil & Gas - What should be done about the gas and oil royalties?

Pennsylvania, Energy and Global Warming look into it

Pennsylvania city - which to visit? 4th up

PA Open Records Law 2008

Photography Art Mystery - Investigate the story

Precipitation and Population

Privacy of Personal Information at School

Product Packaging Conundrum

Prominent Person Award - who is deserving in your community?

Public's Right to Know

Reading for Fun Campaigns - evaluate the issues

Reading - eBook or paper book?

Redistricting - Should it be biased for subgroups?

Running for Public Office - how to

School Test Scores Campaign

Should level of education or occupation be factors in car insurance rates?

Smart Meter Plan to save on electricity

Song of State Facts

Spring Outdoor Mystery

State facts - Explore a state by making a fact hunt 4th up

State of the Union or State of the State - Fact Check

Student Handbook Presentation - How cool can you be?

Sunshine Law - the right to know government

Surveying - Why?

Tax Study Commission utd 6/07

Tell the story of Polly Cooper at Valley Forge

Theodore Roosevelt reforms

Time Capsule - Study Unit Assessment

Transportation, Your Community and You

Trees Map and Inventory Project

US Capitol State Statues - Who should represent your state?

Winter Scene Variables Project

Youth Voter Campaign

Water and Air Pollution Activity

Web site Evaluation exercise

What are the nation's Priorities?

What are Our Nation's Priorities regarding Hunger?

What are the US priorities regarding health care spending?

What should be America's Mood? What is yours?

William Penn Day event

Winter Song Photo Story

Web Book - Pennsylvania Facts Alphabet project

Who should get the money from fines or civil penalties?

Winter Outdoor Mystery Challenges

Writing Positive Weather Reports

Women's Suffrage Project

What is Problem-Based Learning?

Tutorial on Problem-Based Learning

UD PBL site

more info

More links for PBL -

Why Project based Learning?

Problem Based Learning - Teacher pages

Envision Schools share project-based high school curriculum

Information Inquiry fluency

Harnessing the Power of the Web
a Tutorial for Collaborative Project-Based Learning

Classroom Strategies to Engender Student Questioning

Problem-Based Learning Background

Inquiry-based Learning

From others around the web:

Inquiry starters across the curriculum

What is standards-focused Project Based Learning

Spies in the American Revolution

Conflict Yellowstone Wolves

Search for Ice and Snow

Smallville Development project - land use

Supplying our Water Needs

Math Web Quests

Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning

K-12 Project based Learning Resources

Acid Rain Webquest

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