Hurray! It's Thanksgiving. Need something to do until dinner is ready?
Thanksgiving Internet Hunt

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Fun Thanksgiving Mathematics Challenge.

Sometimes you get a list of math questions and you calculate the answers. Let's turn this around for an interesting challenge.
Given some facts, make a math problem.

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Every year I make a big turkey - 30 lbs. There are several serious math problems involved. If I make an error in my calculations, dinner will be delayed or the bird will be undercooked. When will I need to start defrosting it, so that I can stuff it Wednesday evening? I serve Thanksgiving dinner at 1pm. When will I need to get the stuffed bird in the oven to have 30 minutes for it to rest before carving? Dimensions - Is my oven large enough to hold the turkey?

Here is a collection of Thanksgiving and Turkey trivia.

Make at least 6 math questions using that data. (Or you can find similar Thanksgiving number facts)

Your question must include a calculation.

It may require looking for more information.

Write the question then the answer.



Calculate the cost of a Thanksgiving feast this year. Show the cost for at least 5 dishes.



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