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Computers are remarkable tools. My love affair with Macs began in the early '90s. I cannot imagine being without this powerful tool today. These tips and tutorials are adapting to be useful and fun. Although it is useful to know "about" features, the real joy is in doing something meaningful with the computer. Therefore, I try to offer examples, to do's and how to's. Many of these activites apply to all platforms.
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Computer based Internet Hunts Computer based crossword puzzles
Copy ... Paste - computer power - pdf Computer Volunteering
Save As - Miraculous Macintosh - pdf AppleWorks How to's
Getting back tips - make a web browser work Considering Systems and Controls
Exploring Google Search Computer purchasing advice
  iMovie Tips Christmas Shopping list SS - avoiding gift repeats
Computer issues Ideas & Activities
Email spam, spoof, phishing The Lunar Society and The Homebrew Computer Club
Net Neutrality - What is it? Why does it matter? Bloggez- vous? Should you build a blog?
eGovernment - Expectations & Evaluations Make your own fill in answer sheet for printing AW or Word
Transparency Essay Make vocabulary crossword puzzle
Internet - Actions can have lasting consequences Make an online book - State facts, Frog facts
Datamining & Privacy - why you should pay by cash or check Create an Environmental Facts & Issues Multimedia Game - Keynote tips
Examine Online Collaboration and Social Networking Adapt a PowerPoint template - on the 13 Original Colonies (download)
Information Literacy skills - web & print resources Digital Storytelling - Life around here
Information Literacy - Keywords Podcasting - getting info on the web
Information Literacy - Boolean Searches Make a simple web page using MS Word.doc | pdf
Are you 21st Century Literate? Photo Shrink Think - math
Consider the Power of Possibilities through Andreessen's eyes Make a Month themed Internet hunt
The Right to Privacy, the digital age and the U. S. Constitution Make a Literature based Hunt
Survey Says Make a Character Map for a character in the story
Discerning Fake and Real Photos - Why does it matter to you? Make a Diagram to compare/contrast
Web site Evaluation Winter Song Photo Story
Government, Statistics and the Media Patriotic Song Project
How do you use your time? Digital Science Journal project
Copyright Issues Hunt Explore the Solar System - Venn Diagram activity
Read - eBook or paper book? - Evaluate Make a Table to compare mammals
Examine your Government's Demographics using a matrix The Math of Sufficient Fresh Water - video project
Google Books a virtual library - explore issues Make a Time related Book
Databases A Note for Freedom reverberating through the centuries Project
Database Internet Hunt School or Club Community Multimedia Presentation Project
Harnessing Databases Activity New Years Celebration Comparison Diagram
Harnessing Databases - An online exercise A Dickens of a Resumé
Database - Organizing Digital Projects - Tips and advice
Database Activity - vocabulary Make a Facts Table to study birds
Database How tos - AppleWorks Life Cycles Matrix
GIS/GPS POWER Create an Wetlands Issues eGame
Understanding and Using GIS Population growth chart
GPS- Harnessing Technology Watering Milkweed - Spreadsheet activity
Put your town on the map project - be a cyber cartographer Lunch Menu Calories tracking project - spreadsheet
Tree Inventory & Map High temperature by State Activity new Spreadsheet
Mapping species - powerful tools for science Batty Math survey & make a chart
Wetland Inventory & Map Project new Elbow Room - Exploring Population Density and Land use Issues
Cars - Individual Privacy, Public Safety and Justice Alternative Energy and Energy Saving eGame - myo
  Diminishing Consumer Waste Video


Off Site Suggestions

Integrating Christmas into your curriculum using computers

Macintosh links

Custom Desktop Pictures - loads of fun for free

Learning Electric

Mac OSX - Preview pdf viewer

Online computer dictionary (with pictures) off site

Spell checker poem Using iPhoto to make a book
Macintosh function key tip - System 9 Thinking Tools - free higher order thinking
Ode to the Option Key - painful poetry - practical tip What is Wiki?

Mac Higher Learning: The Next Steps

Top 10 Rules for Limiting Legal Risk
Wikijunior - textbooks online for free Pogue's Pages
TeacherTube Pogue on NYT
ELearning Handbook iMovie support
Connexions iPhoto Tutorial
Turn Your iPhone Into an e-Book new
Intel's Visual Ranking tool iMovie
Timeline Introduction to Benjamin Banneker - Make a timeline
HP Activity Center - no need for a HP printer to use these great resources. iMovie how to

Computer Tutor - learn mouse, keyboard & monitor skills. Web 2.0

Storyboarding - plan & plot before you shoot
How-To Quick Flicks free video tutorials Getting started with iMovie
Older versions of Mac software iMovie in Education - online training videos iMovie Support
The Cybergeography web site Video Editing with iMovie
The CyberSmart! Curriculum - Organized in five units, each teaching a facet of Internet use, it consists of 65 original standards-based lesson plans with Activity Sheets.  

Fascinating finds and interesting links:

Technology Integrated Curriculum 100s of ideas! for all grade levels

 Watch: For Your Eyes Only? no email privacy rights

HELP! My color screen has switched to black and white. My chooser has lost the printer. I just reset it yesterday. My Mac's date has changed to 1956 and I know I had it set correctly. You probably have a battery problem. Even if you don't have this problem, I suggest you check this out to be prepared in the event you do.

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