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Natural Resource Wars - who will be the winner?

There are many competing forces making demands on the Earth's limited natural resources.
Water is one such resource.

Read - "Tri-State war wars"

This is just one example of two communities and two states battling over water. There are many
such conflicts today especially in the western U.S. due to a drought combined with an increasing population.

There are also conflicts over natural resources due to the polluting of air and water. The Chesapeake Bay
is polluted by waters from six states and the District of Columbia. In this case, there is more at play than
just the needs or desires of communities. A natural resource is being damaged.

droplet Water Use in the United States | droplet A fighting chance for the Klamath

droplet Drought - NYT | droplet StormwaterPA

droplet Great Lakes water compact tests regional unity | droplet Great Lakes states protect their water from PEW

droplet Tennessee town has run out of water and has to truck it in

droplet America has more than 75,000 major dams Video - Dam Removal Guide - PBS - About Dams

Watershed Dynamics consists of a student edition and teacher's guide designed to enable
high school students to investigate local water and land use issues, including the influence of
human actions on the biology, chemistry, and hydrology of rivers and streams.

Read the Guide to Persuasive Writing

droplet Essay - Select an issue where two local, regional, state or national governments
are in conflict over a natural resource.

Consider all sides of the issue.

Describe the issue. State all sides of the issue.

What should be the priority: the people? the businesses that benefit, the protection of the natural resource?

What do you recommend?


Extend your thinking - Consider the issues around PlayPumps and clean drinking water.

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