chemistry beakers Using The Scientific Method

Directions: Use the links in this web activity to learn about the Scientific Method. Answer sheets
How does the scientific method help you solve problems?

TIP - Read the content under each circled number on the web page.

1. What is the scientific method?


2. Why do scientists use the scientific method?


3. Write the 5 steps of the scientific method in order.


4. State the Problem - Why is it important to clearly state the problem?


What is a Problem?


Read the example of a problem. Write your own original example of a problem.
(You will use this problem through out this activity.) An abundance of ideas.


The next step in the scientific method is -

5. The act of noting and recording something with instruments is called


Consider the examples of observations for the paper towels for the absorption experiment.. (Click on the 3.)

For the problem you gave question in 4, write two observations you can measure and record.



Think about it - name the measuring tools you will need for the observation you listed.


The next step in the scientific method is -

6. In the scientific method, when you make an educated guess as to what the outcome might be you are


Read: A Strong Hypothesis

Form a hypothesis for your example in question 4.


7. Scientists test their hypothesis by


Make a checkmark next to the correct answer(s):

Scientists must be careful in their testing because

Equipment costs a lot and they must not break it.

They can make an experiment that favors their hypothesis.

If their hypothesis is incorrect, they have failed.


The Procedure is an explanation of how you will conduct the experiment to test your hypothesis.
What are the key things to include in the procedure?


8. During the experiment the scientist collects data. What is data?


What data could you collect for the hypothesis you formed in question 6?


9. The things that have an effect on the experiment are called variables.

For the paper towel experiment described earlier

The independent variable is -

The dependent variable is -

The controlled variables are -

In the paper towel experiment - which of these is not a variable?

Temperature of the water Color of the paper towel
Size of the container holding the water. Age of the scientist


10. How can you organize an experiment's data?



11. In the Conclusion, the scientist


What are the two conclusions that can be formed for any experiment?


12. True or False - Only scientists use the scientific method.

Explore one of these demonstrations of the scientific method being used.


oops! Extras:

? Test yourself using this online quiz. Document your score here: _____________________

? Hone your observation skills using an Observation Skill Builder exercise. Do one or more.

Science Fair ideas

Proportions - Measure height using shadows

Scientific Method vocabulary - own these words

* Scientific Method - inquiry wheel

? Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Science Journal | Bluebirds Project Journal activity

? Create a graph - explore this outstanding site to become a skilled chart maker

? Science Observation skill builders - 35 engaging exercises

? Explore these Internet based activities to extend your scientific experiences.

? What is the Scientific Method?

? Mythbusters - Instead of choosing a formal scientific question, students choose a myth to prove or disprove using scientific and problem solving means.

"Did you learn that from a book or did you observe it yourself?" Maria Mitchell Astronomer


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