The Legend of the Lady Slipper Activity
based on the Ojibwe legend as told by Lise Lunge-Larsen and Marge Preus

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1. This is a legend of the Ojibwe people. Underline the continent where the Ojibwe people live.

South American North America Europe Asia

Underline the name of the continent on which you live.

Europe Australia Africa North America


2. During her walk, the girl must have been wishing for a fire.
Write the Ojibwe word for fire.



3. Ojibwe children are born into a clan. There were 7 clans. The child was taught the special skills of their clan.

Which clan do you think the little girl belonged to?

If you could choose to belong to a clan, which would you choose? Why?



4. Your class will be building a wigwam. Make a list of the materials will you need.



.5. The northern lights appear in the night sky. What causes the northern lights?


I have never seen them. Have you ever seen the northern lights?

Offline Survey - What percentage of your classmates have seen the Northern Lights?


6. The PTO wants to donate some lady's slipper plants to your school. Read this page about where the plants grow .
(Note the important facts about the plants' habitat.) Lady Slipper info

Can they live outside at your school?


Look around. Where should they be planted at your school so they can thrive?



7. The heroine crosses the frozen lake in the story. Was this wise or foolish? Explain



8. Andrea Arroyo illustrated the story.
Where was she born?


Where does she live now?


9. In the story, the little girl goes for the plants needed to make a medicine.
We make medicines from plants, too.
How do people use
the cranberry to help them be healthy?



Take the challenge!
Write a letter from the little girl in the story telling her best friend about her adventure.


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