Time Capsule - Show What You Know - Project

Make a Time Capsule of the important stuff to know

A challenging pass-it-on activity.

You have learned a lot of ideas and facts in this study unit. Some of it was important. Some of it was trivial. Some of it was interesting. Some of may have been challenging to understand or to remember. Some facts or ideas were surprising. Perhaps you already knew some of the stuff. You used some good strategies to learn the important new ideas.

Make a set of ten 4'' x 6" index cards with: tips, tricks, clues, most important facts, most interesting,
most challenging and "boring warning" messages.
These will be given to the kids who will study this unit next year.


1. Write your draft ideas on scrap paper.
2. Refine them. Revise them. Tweak them. Get them - just right!
checkmark blueDo your best work - Check your spelling and grammar.
3. Print or copy each tip onto the time capsule's 4x6 index cards.

Totally techie alternatives - Enter your tips in a word processing document. (Create Flash Cards in Word)
In word processing - Set the document margins to limit the text to a 3.5" x 5.5" .
Between the cards: Enter a return. Set a left tab on the right margin. Set it as a fill tab.
This will make a solid or dotted line that will guide your cutting between cards. Hit tab 1 time.
Return again.
Print the word processing documents.
Cut out tips, tricks etc.. Paste them on the index cards.

Some printers will let you print them out right onto the index cards.
(File - Page Setup - Select 4 " x 6 " card as the paper size. Set landscape as the paper orientation.)

Web based software - Harness FlashCard maker at Scholastic.com | Free Flashcard Maker

Be very creative or even silly perhaps. Here are some helpful prompts.

Can you offer a funny tip?

Maybe you can think of a rapping or rhyming one.

Develop a "Top Ten Ideas to Learn" list.

Share a mnemonic that helped you remember facts. (Example -30 days has September, April, June and November. All the others have 31 except February with 28 or 29 in leap year.)

Perhaps a checklist of stuff they must learn would be helpful.

Offer a tricky mysterious clue card that will get them interested in learning more.

The coolest thing I learned ... or You're going to love ...

The sooner you start....

My strategy for learning ...

I wish someone had warned me about ...

! You must include several important concepts or ideas - "You really need to learn these things -".

! Looking back, I should have ...

Example tip:

Learning to spell the vocabulary words was tricky. So I wrote them down 2 times each night. This practice helped a lot. Finally, I got them all correct on the fourth night. Can you learn them faster than I did?
I was proud to earn a 95% on the test. Try it!


Assembly - Place your creations into a large manila envelope. Put your name, the date and the study unit on the outside of the envelope. After you have completed making the contents, you may decorate your time capsule envelope. Do not seal the envelope. Your cards will be graded.

The envelopes will go into a special Time Capsule box.
Each of you will write your first name on the outside of the Time Capsule.

The box will be opened the first day the next class starts the unit. Someone will be very glad to have your help.

Rubric template - teacher resource / Problem Based Learning Projects

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developed by Cynthia J. O'Hora Released to public domain. Posted 6/2009