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Make an Internet Fact Hunt about a State
a Problem-based Learning Project about the United States of American and its territories

The Problem:

Your school has decided to take your class on a trip. They would like your input. You are to investigate the merits of a selected state or U. S. Territory.

Make an Internet Fact Hunt web page about a state. It will be at least 15 questions long. It will point to many important facts about the state. Extra credit: Include a word processing answer key where you give the answer to each question.

Which state do you think would be best?

Step 1 -

Identify what you know about the selected state or U. S. Territory.

Step 2 -

Identify what you need to learn about the state or U. S. Territory.

What are important things to consider? Be specific.

Step 3 -

Make a list of facts to find on the Internet.

Tutorial about Internet Resources and researching

Learn how to research elementary | middle school & high school

Step 4 -

Create a web page that has the hunt using Netscape's free web page maker, MS Word web pages how to, MS Word web pages how to pdf or one of your choosing. Link each question to the site that has the answer.

Extra Credit: Show that you know the answer. Include a word processing answer key where you give the answer to each question you posed in the hunt.

The introduction should explain your choice and briefly support its selection. Be sure to show the pros and cons of the state.

Online Resources: I have collected a set of valuable sites for researching information on states. I suggest you use them first. Then harness other sites on the Internet to fill in the missing facts. You may use a resource not listed here. Example: Tourism site for your state. If a link is broken, use your online research skills to locate the resource.

Internet Public Library -

State Studies at the Library of Congress

Explore the States - - States and Capitals -

US Census Quick Facts -

50 States facts Project -

Harness the Student Process Guides to prepare your students to be more successful problem solvers and group participants. Check out this activity to harness this resource.

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