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What should be America's Mood? What is yours?

Read Adrian Woolridge's Opinion piece: Unhappy America, The Economist. July 2008.

Staggering US Debt Could Hit Us In The Long Run, The Tampa Tribune 7/29/2008



What are the issues the author cites for why America is feeling negative?


What would you add to or which would you remove from his list of reasons?


magnifying glass Investigate:

How are these issues impacting your state?

Is income rising?

Have the number of jobs grown?

Are the prices of products affordable?

Hint: State governments report many statistics on a monthly basis. Do some digging on their website regarding jobs & income. Check for reports in your newspaper's business section. Many Chambers of Commerce of provide regional reports.


Are these issues impacting your community? How?


Are these issues impacting your family? How?


Respond to the author: I'm feeling optimistic because ... or I'm feeling pessimistic because ...


As Individuals:

CBS News - Who's Happier, Women Or Men?

Money can't buy happiness, but happiness may buy money USA Today


Your America: Take action resources

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