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Pennsylvania Projects - Cities of Pennsylvania Activity

Pennsylvania, is a commonwealth of contrasts. Sometimes called Penn's Woods, 17 million acres, or nearly 60%, of Pennsylvania is forest land. Pennsylvania also has two major metropolises and many cities. These cities are rich in history. They offered many different ways to relax or to have fun.

Which Pennsylvania city would you like to explore?

Create a multimedia project, a computer based slide show or a poster about a city in the Commonwealth that you would like to visit.

Give facts about the city. What would you like to see?

Explain your choice.

Helpful Hints:

You need to think about several things to do this project.

Begin by identifying what you need to know to do the project. For example: can you name any of the cities located in Pennsylvania?

Think about the things you and your family enjoy doing. If you are a fan of plays and shows, maybe your want to find a city with several theaters and performing artists.

Is there something you have always wanted to see like a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton? That could be a helpful starting point for your efforts.


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Posted 2/9/2006 In the spirit of Thomas Paine - released to public domain by Cynthia J. O'Hora

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Aligned with the following Pa Academic Standards - Reading, Writing Speaking, History, Civics and Government, Mathematics, History, Science and Technology
Aligned with the National Standards for Civics and Government