Health Care Reform Issues

Nancy-Ann DeParle, The Director of the White House Health Reform Office, held a meeting with health care stakeholders about what they want to see as part of the reform process. Some of the individuals have a vested interest in the current system.
Some see the issue from a self interest perspective.

Health care should be centered on the needs of the patients.
They are to be focused on improving quality, lower costs and covering more people.

White House Report on Health Care Reform.

Watch the discussion - White House Health Care Reform Meeting 4/08/2009. CSPAN Archive

Evaluate several speaker's comments. Does their message center on patient's needs or other needs?

Do you agree with them or need more information or believe they are wrong?

Use a SemanticFeatureAnalysis to sort out their opinions are yours.

Make a table

1. Down column A starting with row 2 Enter the names of 10 of stakeholders and their agency/constituency/job.
Example: Health business, Care Giver, Advocate.

2. Across the first row beginning in Column B Enter "Patient focused". Col C "Other focus",
Col D Agree, Column E - More info, Column F - Disagree.

3. Place a + or - in each cell as appropriate.

4. What trends or conclusions can you make from the data?

People at the table in order of introduction:

Nancy-Ann DeParle - White House Health Reform Director.

Carlo Demarco - President of American Osteopathic Association (physicians lobby)

Glen Tullman - CEO AllScripts company makes systems for electronic records

Ken Thorpe - Partnership to fight Chronic Disease, Emeroy University professor.

Paul Diaz - Kindred Health care - Operates long term health care and nursing home facilities.

Paul Marcian - ARC of US & United Cerebral Palsy

Amy Garcia - School Nurses Association

Jennifer Kovich Boardnik CFO ehealth electronic health records iniative

Dr. Susan Kelly - President of Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science

Jane Horbath - Merke - drug company

Steve Hightop - attorney with health program that focuses on health access needs of low income community.

Steve Uball - President Avamed - Advanced Medical Technology Association

Jane Naylor - President of medium size family business in Maryland

Ebony Morris - National Urban League policy institute

Tom Epstein - Large not for profit covered health care company 3.5 million clients

Paul Posaro - CEO Generic medication company

Adolph Falcon - Hispanic Health organization community health to 15 million Hispancis

Jeff Levy - Trust for America's Health advocates for public health system

Trevor Fetter - CEO Tennet Health Care hospital

Richard Bracken - President HCA operates 166 hospitals

Tony Welters - Vice President United Health Group serves 70 million Chairman of Medical School.

Dave Snow - Medco Health Solutions mail order drug company

Anne Stausboll - CEO CalPERS retirement system. Manages health care benefits for CAl.state employees.

Cathy Butto - Health policy at Johnson & Johnson - medical company

Paul Vandorter - fellow at Buget & Policy Priorities advocates for low and moderate income

Dr. John Mayer - heart surgeon

Randy Ruta - Easter Seals rep. provides disability services

Pat Ford Roegnor - CEO American Nursing Association Policy hink tank for nursing

DeAnn Friedholm - Consumer Union - consumer advocate Best Buy drugs

Mike Bray - President Bray corp. Hobby store small business owner

Brooke Lehmann - Family Voices children with special health care needs - centered care advocacy

Scott Armstrong - Company provides health care in state of Washington

Al Nixon - IndiCare Corporation - Manufactures home care products home health care orgaization

Don Schumaker - Hospice care and palliative care orgaization


Read a Report From Your State

Do your agree with their comments? Explain.


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