open book Reading - eBook or paper book?

Watch New York Times Tech guy, David Pogue's engaging video review on the
Kindle 2 e-reader versus a paper book. Another Kindle 2 review

Evaluate the issues regarding reading materials in school

question mark Conduct a survey of your class.

Which would you prefer reading: an eBook or a traditional, paper book?


question mark Examine the issue -

Which is more adaptable to the needs of the individual: a printed book or an eBook device?


Which is more cost effective for an individual?


Which is more cost effective for a school or public library?


Which is more environmentally sound?


Critical Thinking

Your high school's English department is considering a new curriculum. Part of the program will be to adopt
the "One Book" concept. All the students in one grade will be reading the same title at the same time.
They plan to read 4 different books through the school year. Students will also be researching information regarding authors, settings, historical references, etc. and making Internet fact hunts based on the book.

Evaluate which would be the better choice? - eBooks or printed ones

Consider costs (used data from video regarding costs), storage issues, adaptability/accessibility, environmental issues, loss issues.

Write a proposal that explains your choice.


dolalr Career considerations:

Identify 3 jobs or careers that are related to people reading printed materials.

Identify 3 jobs or careers that are related to people reading eBooks.

What impact might eBooks have on the careers related to printed materials?



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