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bullet Survey your class

How many hours do you spend online each week?

Do you have a personal email account?

Have you visited social networking sites? (facebook, wikipedia, youtube, etc.)

How often do you go to them? daily, weekly, monthly, rarely, never.

Have you contributed to something online? If yes, what? Text (wiki or blog), video, webpage, software

Do you post online regularly? If Yes, how often? daily, weekly, monthly, rarely, never.

Add your own question about social networking.


bullet Compile the results.


Consider: How do you or how does your class compare with the findings in the NSBA report, Creating & Connecting?

Examine the chart showing Popular Social Networking Activities on page 3.


bullet In your opinion, which online collaboration venue is the most comfortable or engaging?



Consider this: In 1990 the very first world wide web page was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland.

In November 2007, Netcraft reported that there are over 149,784,002 web sites. " This is an increase of increase of 7.0M sites since last month, and represents growth of over 40 million sites since the start of the year. Much of the growth in sites this year has come from the increasing number of blogging sites, in particular at Live Spaces, Blogger and MySpace." Netcraft survey

“Transparency breeds self correcting behaviour." Admiral Thad Allen USCG

bullet Next

Using online collaboration & social networking to do work .

You do not have to be physically together to work together. - Watch Google Docs video
How could you use Google Docs to do a project?


Dig Deeper and act

bullet Food for thought - Did You Know 2.0? Are you 21st Century Literate?

bullet Google Books Virtual Library - What are the Implications?

bullet The Lunar Society and The Homebrew Club

bullet Podcasting activity | bullet Bloggez- vous? Should you build a blog?

bullet Consider the Power of Possibilities through Andreessen's eye

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