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The Discover America State by State series (from Sleeping Bear Press) uses images, rhymes and engaging text to explore
a state's history, culture and interesting facts. The books unfold in alphabetical order. A is for ...
The books seem simple, but actually represent quite a challenge to develop.
Create a similar alphabet fact book about the Commonwealth, the region you live in, your county or your town.

Keep in mind, the larger the area you work with to create the book, the easier the project is likely to be.
Use lots of creativity to use every letter of the alphabet. You may narrow the activity to trace famous people.
Or focus on local nature and the geography of a region.

1. Gathered the facts.2. Write the prose3. Make an online book in a web site so that you can share your creation with your community.
See Morris Farm Alphabet Book

Make a new folder called penn your initials. Example: pennco. In your penn folder - make a folder to hold your images. Call it images. Save all your web pages in the penn folder. Place your image files in the image folder BEFORE adding them to the web pages. Each web page should be one letter. Name each page based on the letter. Example a.html, b.html Link the pages in order A .. Z to allow an easy read through.

You can use words like Click here to go to the next page.

Some people use arrows arrow right pointing to the right arrow to show people how to go to the blue arrow next page.
Link the arrow image to make the connection to the next page.

Make a Main title page that includes credits and a linked index that allows visitors to go to a specific letter.

Make your own illustrations using a computer or use free web images to add pictures. Take digital photos in your community. Alternatively, you can scan in hand drawn art. Be sure to save them in your images folder. Then add them to your web page.

Resources: How to make web pages: FrontPage | TextEdit or SimpleText | NotePad | Create a website with your kids | Learn Basic html

Copyright friendly images for use in education projects Wikimedia Commons | Pic4Learning

LearningElectric - on demand tutorials that build skills

Example of a children's book online - Dolly and Molly at the Seashore | Best Treat of All

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Aligned with the following Pa Academic Standards - Reading, Writing Speaking, History, Civics and Government, Mathematics, Arts, Science and Technology
Aligned with the National Standards for Civics and Government

tree icon How to make a Digital Answer Sheet: Highlight the text of the questions on this web page, copy them - Edit .. Copy. Open a text document or word processing document. Paste the questions into the blank document. Answer the questions in the word processing document in a contrasting color or font ( not yellow, avoid fancy fonts like: black, Symbol, dearform fomnt or broad. Save frequently as you work. I do not like losing my work. You will not like it either. Put your name and the date in a header. Bad things happen. Retain a copy of your work on your computer. Submit your assignment via a class electronic drop box or email attachment.

Proof your responses. It is funny how speling errors and typeos sneak in to the bets work. smiling icon Make Your Own Printed answer sheet