Prominent Person Award

a Problem-Based Learning Project

The Problem:

The Governor has decided to create an award. It is to recognize an influential person who has made a significant contribution to a local area or to the state. The award winner could be a scientist, an activist, an author, a philanthropist, or perhaps a policy maker. A group of people can also be considered for the award.

This award is about actions, not popularity or fame. What have they done or accomplished?
How did that action impact other people or their community?

You are on a committee that represents your county. You are to nominate a person or group from your state that you feel is deserving of the award. Give special attention to a local person.

Who, from your state, should be nominated for the award?

"Leadership requires: An ethical, resilience, persistence and a passion for an idea." David Gergen

Step 1 -

Identify what you know about people who are working to improve your community or state.

Step 2 -

Identify what you do not know about the person or making a selection. Be specific. Make a list.

Step 3 -

Create a poster or multimedia presentation to explain your choice and support your selection.

Step 4 -

As a class - Discuss your findings on an individual or group of people.
Decide on a nominee and list the reasons for their selection.

"Celebrity distorts democracy by giving the rich, beautiful, and famous more authority than they deserve." Maureen Dowd

Online Resources: Harness the Internet to get started with this project. You may also use print resources and video based information. If you use a resource not listed here, document it in your cited works (bibliography).

1. Take a look at the Time: Person of the Century web site for some ideas on criteria and organization.

2. CNN Heroes - Be sure to read about the Young Wonders

3. Yahoo - use the Web Site directory to "tunnel down" for info

4. Check out your county or state historical society or your state's official web site for help.

5. Famous People with Disabilities

6. Wikipedia

7. Center for Public Leadership

8. Prominent Pennsylvanians web project if you are searching for Pennsylvanians.

9. How to Work in a Group

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Posted 10/2005 by Cindy O'Hora