Individual Privacy, Public Safety and Justice

Read at least one of these two articles:

"Psst, Your Car is Watching You", Roosevelt, Margot. Time. August 7, 2006

"Your car is watching: Here is what your vehicle knows about you", Angelica Leicht, Kim Dec 29, 2020

bullet Survey your class

How many of them believe this is harmless?

How many believe this is an invasion of privacy?

Should the auto manufacturer give the consumer an option about installing this technology in a vehicle?

Should the auto manufacturer give the consumer an option to disable this technology in the vehicle?


bullet Compile the results of the survey.

(Need help with percentages? MathFLIX free online videos | Khan Academy free, online math videos)

bullet Look into the law

What is the law in your state regarding retrieving information from an event recording device in a car?


bullet Should ERD's be placed in vehicles like:

school busses?


rental vehicles?

emergency response vehicles?

public transportation busses?

public work vehicles like snow plows?

publicly owned work vehicles like those driven by government employees?


bullet In your opinion, should these devices be used in private cars? Why or why not?


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