School or Club Community Multimedia Presentation Project

As a person who participates in the school or club, you have a unique and valuable perspective about its community.
Hone your skills in making a presentation using computer software by contributing a slide to a presentation project.
The goal is to provide a comprehensive look at your school or club.

Select a program to use to make the slides. Options: iWork - Keynote, AppleWorks - SlideShow, OpenOffice - Impress (free), Google Presentation, KOffice - KPresenter, GoBe Productive, MS - PowerPoint

1. Create a single standard size presentation slide of 1MB or smaller that shows:

* Highlight a moment or an event. It could be an everyday activity or a special event.
* Show how that event impacts the students or club members.

Style Guide:

* 20 point font or higher only
* No screaming colors or contrasts
* Follow the 7x7 rule - No more than 7 lines per a slide, no more than 7 words per a line.

2. Use royalty free images, sounds, etc. Or better yet, take your own using a digital camera.

* Pictures, sounds or video must be embedded in the presentation.
* Original brief animations or videos may be used.

3. Take credit. - In the lower left hand corner of the slide, in 10pt, place your initials or first name.

4. Carefully proof read your work. Its funny how speling errors and typeos sneak in to teh bets work. smiling icon

5. As a group:

* Place the slides in order.
* Create a title page that captures the audience. Watch - Beyond Bullet Points - Setting up your story.
* Add a small element to each slide that connects or binds them together. It could be a arrwofor example.


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developed by Cynthia J. O'Hora Released to public domain in honor of Kevin Harvey and Bob Hearn for developing ClarisWorks - AppleWorks THANKS! Posted 8/2008