Transportation, Your Community and You

The US Congress has passed the Stimulus Bill of 2009. One of its points of emphasis is transportation.

Watch: Stimulus Roadblock? on the NOW website

question mark Evaluate the issue of transportation in your state or locality.

Describe your local transportation system.

Which parts of the system do you use?

What grade do you give your local transit system?

question mark How does the transportation system in your community impact your family?

What change(s) do you recommend to your local transportation system?

question mark What are the elements of a varied, sound transportation system?

How does your state evaluate transportation needs?

How does your state or city make transportation decisions?

Identify one transportation issue in your community or region.

Some towns, cities, and regions have bike paths. These are often developed using federal transportation dollars.
Earmarking is often used to direct the transportation or development dollars to specific projects.
$8B in pork clogs U.S. infrastructure plans

Do you support the idea that federal tax dollars should fund local projects like bike paths?

Consider the case of Alaska's Rep. Don Young's earmark for a "Coconut Road" in Florida - Should legislators be allowed to use earmarking to impose their personal choices on a community?

Investigate: All Aboard Amtrak? Decide: Good use of public dollars or unconscionable waste ?

question mark Careers:

Identify 3 jobs related to transportation. New York City Subway | Creating Cars | Index @ The Futures Channel

Which do you believe has the greatest potential for proving a long term, living wage?

What kind of training is needed for that job/career?

What are the positives and negatives of that career?




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developed by Cynthia J. O'Hora Released to public domain in honor of Carmen E. Turner for her leadership in transportation issues. and Posted 2/2009

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