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The article in yesterday's newspaper was encouraging. Across the Commonwealth, many school's PSSA Math and Reading scores are improving. The state average on the PSSA math is higher than the NCLB AYP of 45% for math. But several high schools in your area are not doing better. In fact, one high school, is falling seriously behind.

The community takes great pride in the schools. The athletics and arts programs receive great local support. One of your school's sports teams won States last year. Several students have earned college scholarships in the arts. People are shocked to learn that the academic program is not similarly successful.

Many people in your community believe that something must be done to improve the student's success. The administration recognizes that their interventions are not working. They have come to the students for suggestions. Students as Researchers, American School Board Journal,  7/2006

First, identify where your high school stands in the rankings of your Intermediate Unit for the past three years. PSSA/Keystone Exams results. You will need to do some online research to determine which schools belong to your Intermediate Unit. Gather the necessary data. (If there are more than 25 high schools in your Intermediate Unit, then use the 25 high schools that are closest to your district.)

Use a spreadsheet to rank your school against other IU schools in your area.
Include a cell where a formula calculates the IU average. Example

Create a chart showing the performance of your school for the past three years.
Show your school's scores, the IU averages and the State averages.

Develop a message and program for your school. The campaign may use print, web based and/or multimedia resources.

question markConduct a survey of your class. Why are students succeeding or failing?

Your campaign must state the problem. Explain why/how it is a problem.

Strive to make the program appealing to your peers.

Show them the benefits of your suggestions.

Be realistic. (Your approach should be "doable" in the real world.)

Be cost effective. (Giving each student an expensive reward for better performance is not be feasible.)



Only action produces change. - Social Marketing Lite

Writing to persuade

Develop spreadsheet skills including making charts/graphs.

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