School Attendance Campaign

An article in yesterday's newspaper was shocking. Twenty percent of the kids who enter the 9th grade, in your school district, drop out before graduating. US High School Dropout Rate. | High School Drop-out Rates Rise

Education and income | Occupation Outlook Quarterly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
On the other hand - Student's perfect attendance results in a new car

Everyone agrees that something must be done to improve attendance and reduce the dropout rate. The administration recognizes that their ideas are not working. They have come to you for suggestions. Students as Researchers American School Board Journal  7/06

Develop a message and program for an age group: elementary, intermediate 3-5, middle school 6-8, high school 9-12. The campaign may use print, web based and/or multimedia resources.

question mark Conduct a survey of your class.

What is an "OK" number of days to miss school in a week? in a Month? in a School Year?

Why are students dropping out and/or skipping so much school?

Take Action - develop a program to improve attendance.

Your campaign must state the problem. Explain why/how it is a problem.

Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal - (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results oriented, Time related.)

Strive to make the program appealing to the age group you have chosen. Think from the viewer's perspective.

Show them the benefits of your suggestions.

Be realistic. (Your approach should be "doable" in the real world.)

Be cost effective. (Giving each kid an expensive reward for better attendance may not be feasible.)

Proof read the project. It is funny how speling errors and typeos sneek in to the bets worc. smiling icon

As a class - Evaluate the campaign projects.

Present the winning project to your student council, your school's administration or the School Board.



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Tech Tip: Working in a group or in two different places like the library & home? You do not have to be physically together to work together. gold starWatch Google Docs video TAI - How could you use free, Google Docs to do a project? How would this facilitate group projects?

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