US Capitol State Statues - Who should represent your state?
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In the 1864, Congress invited each state to submit two statues of noteworthy people for its statuary hall. The decision on who those states would be was entirely a state decision. The statues are displayed in National Statuary Hall. Tour the statues - The National Statuary Hall Collection

"...the President is hereby authorize - ed to invite each and all the States to provide and furnish statues, in marble or bronze, not exceeding two in number for each State, of deceased persons who have been citizens thereof, and illustrious for their historic renown or for distinguished civic or military services such as each State may deem to be worthy of this national commemoration; and when so furnished the same shall be placed in the Old Hall of the House of Representatives, in the Capitol of the United States, which is set apart, or so much thereof as may be necessary, as a national statuary hall for the purpose herein indicated."


Congress is permitting the states to change the statues for new individuals. Some states have done this.
For example, California changed one of its statues to former President Ronald Reagan. Read this article - See Is Elvis headed to the U.S. Capitol?

Who are the two people whose statues represent your state?

Do you think your state should change its statues(s)?

If yes, then who should it be? Support your choice in an essay rich in biographical facts. Compare and contrast you choice with one of the your state's statues.

If no, then write a fact rich essay supporting leaving the statues unchanged. Make an assumption about one person who could be considered for this honor. Compare and contrast you choice with one of the your state's statues showing why they do not qualify for this honor or why it is not a spending priority.

Examine the cost of a new statue - Should that be a priority for spending in your state?

What should happen to the former statue(s) that are withdrawn from the Capitol Building?


Statue top US Capitol

Statue of Freedom - sits a top the Dome of the United States Capitol


Procedure and Guidelines for Replacement of Statues in the National Statuary Hall Collection

In 2009, the state of Alabama changed one of its statues to Helen Keller. The Keller statue was funded with private donations raised by the state. The project cost about $325,000. See the Washington Times article - Helen Keller statue installed in Capitol

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